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Seven Year Switch's Jackie and Tim are expecting their second child.

We would like to interrupt coverage of Married At First Sight to bring you some other very exciting reality TV news.

Season one Seven Year Switch stars Jackie and Tim have just announced that they’re in the family way again.

Jackie shared to Instagram a photo of their almost two-year-old son Chaddy (full name Chadwick Wolf Naughton), alongside a caption revealing that they’re soon to herald the arrival of baby number two.

Jackie announced that she was 16 weeks pregnant and is expected to give birth in September.

The pair have been engaged since the end of their season in 2015, but they’re yet to get married.

Tim proposed on the final day of shooting on Jackie’s favourite beach at Burleigh, where the couple now live, but they had to keep their happy news secret due to their contract with the show.

“We had an early Christmas with my family the next day seeing as how I was in town and I remember how ecstatically happy I was,” Jackie said in a social media post.

“I was bursting to tell them but we weren’t allowed to because of our contract.”

The pair have taken wonderfully to parenthood and are no doubt excited for the new arrival.

In 2016, Jackie wrote on Instagram: “Loving being a mother so much, wish I had of started earlier so that I could have ten more children!”

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