Seven Year Switch's Jackie finally explains why she's getting a tattoo ring.

Tattoos for Seven Year Switch couple Jackie and Tim have always hit a sore spot.

It was the straw that bent but did not break the camel’s back when Tim decided to get one with experimental partner Tallena.

So when Tim proposed to Jackie with a tattoo voucher instead of a ring we all waited for that camel to fall.

It didn’t.

On Friday morning Jackie shared the real reason behind why she was given cardboard instead of carat on Instagram.

Jackie explained to her followers the ring wasn’t a cheap-out but a sweet-in as she had never desired a sparkly rock on a shiny band.

“I had told Tim a long time ago that I didn’t want an expensive engagement ring/wedding band,” she said.

“I’ve been married before and I found it annoying to wear.”

Jackie went on to list five further reasons why a material ring would be a no-go for a woman who is on-the-go.


“In the gym all the time it gets scratched.”

“B. I used to be an Art and Drama Teacher so I’m always putting my hands in paint etc.”

“C. Waste of money.”

“D. Doesn’t always go with costume jewellery.”

“E. I’m always in the surf/at the beach.”

Source: Screenshot/Seven.

Jackie then addressed the elephant in the room by bringing up the great Tim/Tallena tattoo saga.

"He knew that I was upset about him getting one with Tallena so he wanted to get one with me that was more significant," she said.

Tim wasn't getting off the hook that easily as she called his permanent sign of devotion "risky", saying he was "lucky I saw the funny side".

The post may have started lighthearted but it took a deeper turn when Jackie reminded everyone that intimacy between couples is always unique.

"Everyone's perception of intimacy is different," she said.

"I thought sharing that experience with someone was quite intimate - he didn't. Case closed."

Preach, honey.

Source: Screenshot/Seven.

Jackie also explained the tattoos have been delayed by her pregnancy announcement.

"We didn't get the tattoos because I found out I was pregnant a few weeks later. We'll get them down the track," she said.

The happy couple are now engaged, expecting a child and living life without a production crew hoping something goes wrong.


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