Seven Year Switch: Fans urge Tallena to ditch Brad for Tim.

Tuesday night’s reunion episode of Seven Year Switch seemed to be about anything but couples getting together.

The break-up letter Brad gave Tallena last week became the finishing blow in a barrage of shots the couple took at each other and their struggling relationship.

The unofficial breakup was wholly supported by the show’s Twitter following who urged Tallena to leave Brad for experimental partner Tim.

‘Tim & Taleena [sic] need to get together. They are way more suited than with their actual (horrible) partners,” said user ktkosiikan.

This response was echoed throughout the platform as users took shot at either Brad and Tallena’s relationship or Brad himself.

“Tim & Tallena ditch the dead weights and be together,” said user synthstweets.

When Brad and Tallena met up to discuss the letter, it seemed as though every other issue piggybacked the conversation.

Tallena revealed how agonizing the letter had been to read, especially as it had come on her birthday.

“I was so excited when I opened that letter from you. Especially on my birthday. Just when I was so excited to marry you. I was believing you were changing and we were changing,” she said.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 7.

The confession was met by a grovelling Brad who apologised profusely for it.
"Am I too late, Tallena?" He asked.

In an off-camera segment, he revealed how his actions caused the split.

'This is where Tallena and I are breaking up. And it's from my letter," he said.

"I could see in her eyes, they were glazed... she's like, "he hasn't changed". My letter was brutal, I regret every moment of it. This is it, this is the end."

Tallena decides enough is enough and leaves the house, arranging to stay in a hotel overnight.

'Mr Fix-It' Brad makes a final ditch attempt at resuscitating the relationship by organising a birthday surprise.

However, even this backfires as Tallena pulls the plug at the last minute, saying she needs more time alone.

This is taken by Brad about as well as he took the news about the spa, the massage, the shared bed and any other Tim/Tallena interaction that has happened before a camera.

“Well, as far as I’m concerned, the wedding’s off,” he said.

“Our relationship is off. If she wanted me, she would’ve been here. She wouldn’t have walked out on me.”

Everything may have been said on Tuesday night but the saga continues.

One can only hope these experiments will shed light on behaviour that can be recognised, remedied and changed.

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