Seven Year Switch's Cassie shares a beautiful, body positive bump shot.

The pregnancy of Seven Year Switch star Cassie was one of the worst kept television secrets of all time. But now in her final trimester, the Queensland mum-of-three says she’s happier than ever.

Sharing a candid black-and-white image to her and husband Brad’s shared Instagram account on Thursday, Cassie wrote, “Relishing in the last moments of being pregnant with our 4th and final little miracle. I usually struggle hard with body image when I am pregnant. As a women [sic] it’s hard to break away from the ideals you have in your mind of what a perfect body should look like! But this time round I feel different.”

Cassie with babies three and four. Source: Instagram.

Having appeared on the controversial Channel Seven couple-swap show with husband Ryan, it was only on the reunion episode that Cassie admitted to having been pregnant the whole time.

The pair, who has two young girls and a son who was stillborn, are now just weeks away from their third little girl's entry into the world.

"I have learnt to love my body and the beautiful life I am creating inside of me," the post continues. "I am not a weight watcher whilst pregnant (I eat a well balanced diet) nor do I stick to an exercise routing after 20wks because of my own fears that something might go wrong given my history. I have gained in excess of 22kg with each pregnancy and FINALLY I have accepted that that's just me... I have the rest of my life to commit myself to a healthy and fit lifestyle but for these short 9 months it's all about my baby and making sure I get this healthy little human to the other side! Women's bodies are just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G."

Cassie cuddling up with her two daughters. Source: Instagram.

Incredibly, Cassie isn't the only show participant expecting.

On the same reunion episode Melbourne couple Jackie and Tim revealed that they were too expecting, and had since become engaged and moved to Queensland.

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The season also ended with Brad and Tallena marrying, and Michelle and Jason announcing they had separated.

Watch Cassie and Ryan's reunion below. 

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