Seven Year Switch’s Cass shares a “pudgy tummy” selfie that has her fellow mums cheering.

After four pregnancies, Seven Year Switch‘s Cass is no stranger to the changes child-bearing makes to the body.

Having given birth to daughter Mena Lee fifteen weeks ago, the 33-year-old has shared a refreshing photo of her stomach, with an important message for any mothers desperate to get their ‘pre-baby bodies’ back.

Captioning the selfie, “That awkward marshmellow pudgy tummy ‘phase’,” Cass calls out to any new mums feeling pressure to lose weight after giving birth.

“Believe me when I say I know how disheartened you can feel as you are going through the throws [sic] of post-pregnancy body changes,” she wrote to her 25,000 Instagram followers.

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“…The skin on my stomach is still very loose, I had considerable stomach separation which is still approximately at 3cm. I am still training 3 days a week and my diet is, well, I don’t have one… just everything in moderation,” she wrote.


While the ‘flabbiness’ of a new mum’s tummy is far from being the most important thing to worry about, Cass said she understands the frustration of not seeing lasting results.

“The important word in this post,” Cass writes, “is phase”.

“The worst thing I find is when you look in the mirror one day and can see progress, then a couple of days later your hips decide to come in a bit further then you end up with more muffin top again!

“…My point is it takes time. Be patient and consistent and you will get there… BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES MUMMAS your bodies are amazing at every single ‘phase’ of this baby making journey.”

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This isn’t the first time the reality TV star has lived her self-professed mantra “it’s only skin”. Last month, she shared side-by-side nude mirror selfies, comparing her body at 12-weeks pregnant, to 12-weeks post-partum.

“I am not putting any crazy expectations on myself, heck I have I have enough stress already,” she wrote honestly. “Supporting all you Mumma’s out there on your own journey getting back to some resemblance of your old self!”

“Don’t ever feel selfish for taking a little time for you… YOU are the captain of your ship. If you go down, your teeny tiny crew and ship will sink too!”

You look positively beautiful Cass, and on behalf of women everywhere – thanks for always keeping it real.