Seven Year Switch's Brad says he's changed his ways. Not everyone agrees.

Last week, the end of Channel 7’s controversial relationship show, Seven Year Switch was nigh, and on Monday night fans were treated to a “where are they now” type reunion special.

Some announcements didn’t exactly come as surprise. Cassie and Jackie confirmed their pregnancies, and Tim announced that he and Jackie are now engaged.

Others threw us for six. Jason and Michelle said they had separated and Brad and Tallena confirmed they are now married.

Brad and Tallena on Seven Year Switch reunion. Source: Channel 7.

Mostly though, it seemed that fans were really wanting to see what had happened to Brad and his controlling behaviour towards his now wife.

Having been wed in a private ceremony surrounded by just 60 people, Brad seemed certain that his behaviour from the show was now under control and a thing of the past, telling reunion host Edwina Bartholomew that he's now able to catch his behaviour and stop himself before he reacts negatively.

Brad talking about how he's changed on Seven Year Switch reunion. Source: Channel 7.

"It's nothing that you'd ever want to do to your partner or to anybody that you loved or cared about," Brad admitted, recognising that he was "the main cause of the problem."

He also said that since the show he has lightened up, letting things happen naturally and learning to relax.

And while Tallena seemed confident in her husband's new behaviour, fans of the show were not sold.

Tallena says the pair are happy and looking forward, not back. Source: Channel 7.


"Naive to think Brad has changed. He gives me the chills," one Facebook user wrote to Mamamia.

"What was that Brad.... take a breath and stop bullshitting," wrote another.

"I stopped watching it when as soon as i saw Brad abusing Tallena in the very first episode. Horrific and very uncomfortable. Can't believe relationships like this exist," another added.

Fan comments from Mamamia's Facebook page.

"Last night was the only time I've watched the show. Even from the little bit of the interview I got the impression that Brad was just saying all the right things because the camera was on, but I think he seems very aggressive and controlling. I feel sorry for his wife. Can't believe she can't see what a douche he is."

Last week, Mamamia also heard from someone alleging to be an ex-girlfriend of Brad.

Having commented on an article analysing Brad's abusive behaviour, the woman anonymously wrote, "I dated Brad 10 years ago, he hasn't changed one bit! He did the exact same things to me, blamed me for everything, took gifts away when I didn't do things that pleased him. He is also a con artist, he milked me for money and was just plain manipulative. I hope Tallena sees sense soon!

An anonymous comment posted to Mamamia last week. 

Whether or not Brad's change is permanent or short lived remains to be seen. For Tallena's sake, we hope it's here to stay and that Brad is committed to changing and ensuring he never emotionally abuses his wife again.

Watch a recap of the Seven Year Switch reunion below...

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