Seven Year Switch ends in happily ever after for one happy couple.

Brad and Tallena appeared on Seven Year Switch as a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship.

And it worked!

Australian magazine Woman’s Day have confirmed that after filming for the series ended, the pair said “I do”.

A source who was present at the wedding, which took place in Queensland in front of 70 friends and family members, said the couple were over the moon.

The couple wed in Queensland in front of 70 friends and family members (Image: Channel 7)

"The past few months have made Brad and Tallena stronger than ever, and you could tell they are genuinely in love," they said.

Unsurprisingly, there was a focus on their reality-TV experience and the impact it had on their relationship. "Even their celebrant mentioned the couple had been through many challenges in reference to the TV show, but had come out of the experiment with more love for each other than ever before," the source said.

There was certainly room for improvement at the beginning of the season. (Image: Channel 7)

The couple, who met on Tinder in 2014, were originally supposed to marry in February. But due to Brad's controlling tendencies and refusal to spend much money on the ceremony, their nuptials were delayed.

"It takes five minutes to say 'I do' and that is costing us a $1,000?" Brad yelled on the controversial series.

During the show Tallena said "It is more of a friendship at the moment," admitting the couple hadn't slept together in 11 months.

Evidently there is nothing like a nationally televised reality-show to get things back on track.

Tonight's episode on Seven year Switch is going to be a big one...

Video via Channel 7

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