Seven Year Switch's Jackie and Tim took their new baby to dinner. Things ended in disaster.

Seven Year Switch‘s Jackie and Tim have had a lot to celebrate recently, including the birth of their first baby and now more recently, Tim’s pivotal 30th birthday.

But what was meant to be a nice dinner birthday celebration, with their six-week-old son, turned into every new parent’s nightmare.

The first time any parent brings their new baby out to dinner can be nerve-wracking, and for good reason, it seems.

Jackie posted a photo of the dinner group to Instagram, captioned, “Before mains were served we had a #pooExplosion like no other, all over his clothes, up the back of the nappy, down the legs, all through the stroller.”

Relatable, or TMI, at least they had a sense of humour about the experience.

Jackie and Tim welcomed their newest family addition, Chadwick Wolf Naughton, in late August.

Throughout the course of the pregnancy, the pair kept their progress well-documented, sharing intimate photos on Instagram.

Despite the stress and arguments a newborn baby can cause, the couple say their relationship is “stronger than ever.”