Donald Trump is being trolled gloriously by Sesame Street.

Behind every children’s television show, there is an adult script writer with a bone to pick.

As we have seen so many times over the years, script writers love nothing more than slipping in a hidden reference for their own giggles. (There’s an online wormhole just waiting for your procrastination…)

And in the age of post-Trump depression, one thing is giving us life – and that’s the sneaky Sesame Street character of, ahem, ‘Ronald Grump’ that’s been dusted off. Ronald Grump, eh? No second guesses who that might be.

Check out Ronald Grump in the clip below. (Post continues after video.)

Cast your mind back to the ’80s and ’90s, and you may just remember the fluffy, orange-haired tyrant who struck fear in the other muppets when he threatened to demolish their backstreet community to build – wait for it – Grump Towers.

Whilst the Sesame Street host is having nothing of it, Oscar the Grouch was into the idea.

“Well, because this is your spot,” says Grump says to Oscar, “and you live here, I thought we could make a trade for it! I’ll do something for YOU, and you do something for ME.”

(It’s an eerie prophecy into Trump’s future presidency, right? Someone get us a drink…)

Ronald (sometimes Donald) Grump with Elmo. (Image via Sesame Street.)

Ronald Grump has graced the Sesame Street community not once, but three times since he was introduced, popping up again in 2005 with the new catch-cry of "Scram! You're fired!"

Needless to say, only Oscar the Grouch liked that line.

Like there wasn’t enough doubt floating around that Trump was a terrible choice for President, the fact a mean, money-grabbing, leery muppet was created in his honour is the icing on the cake.

What a muppet.

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