Serena Williams had a excellent response to the journalist who questioned her pay.

Tennis champion Serena Williams served up more than tennis balls at a post-match media conference after a reporter asked about her pay.

The question came after Williams demolished Elena Vesnina in a 48-minute Wimbledon semi-final.

The match is the fastest semi-final to have been played in the Wimbledon competition.

Source: Screenshot/Seven News.

Questions in the post-match conference took a confusing turn when a male reporter asked about prize money between genders, rather than her record achievement.

"I think we deserve equal prize money," Williams said.


"Yeah, absolutely. I mean, if you happen to write a short article, you think you don't deserve equal pay as your beautiful colleague behind you?"

Source: Screenshot/Network 7.

Williams was later asked how she would like women's tennis to be seen once she retires.

"Well, I would like to see people, the public, the press, other athletes in general, just realise and respect women for who they are and what we are and what we do," she said.

They can start by not asking stupid questions.

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