Sephora will match US prices in Australia. This is not a drill.

Words. are. not. forming.

It’s the biggest beauty news since well, Sephora announced they will be opening their first Australian store.

I can happily bring you the news (via The Australian Financial Review) that Sephora will match US prices when they open in Sydney in December.

I’m just going to let that sink in.

Ok, gathered yourself? Good. According to a report in the AFR, Sephora will be “matching US prices, rather than local prices, for new brands to the Australian market; a move that could force other brands to follow suit.”

Along with lower prices and new brands, Sephora’s first Australian store will be set up with a self-service format to attract younger and male shoppers. While I’m not sure about blokes hogging the free makeover places, this grab-and-go type of shopping means that you can say goodbye to feeling intimidated in the beauty space again. Just grab that basket and go crazy.

Ravi Thakran, the Asia and Middle East president for parent company LVMH, dismissed the threat that Sephora’s opening will have on department stores David Jones and Myer.

“We are not looking to take market share from department stores and other businesses; we are looking at providing growth in the market itself,” Thakran told the AFR.

Sephora plans to open about 20 stand-alone stores, and has pushed to open the three-level 800 sq metre store in the Pitt St Mall in Sydney ahead of Christmas in December.

Stay tuned for the opening date.

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What (apart from the prices) are you most excited about Sephora’s first Aussie store?