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This competition is now closed – well done to our winners Bron, azza4, JaneY and Jules.

The other night my husband called me from his office.  He was just about to come home and he wanted to know if I needed anything.  Of course I did. I always do, which is why I asked him to bring home a genie.  Maybe one in a bottle just for authenticity.

These are just some of the things I needed the genie to do that night

1. Tell me where I could get a multiplications CD for my son who can sing the lyrics of every Katy Perry song but struggles with his 8 times tables

2. Suggest a takeaway venue that my husband would not recognise and that also supplied healthy and nutritious meals in packaging that might make you think it was homemade (the food not the packaging)

3. Organise the skiing trip that my husband is taking my son on. I don’t get to go on the trip but I am required to source warm, waterproof clothing and er, 189 other things

4. Get the dog groomed because I am sure that his smell was one of the reasons that propelled my husband to take my son skiing

5. Find out what time Bridesmaids was screening on the weekend

6. Find a babysitter so that we could go and see Bridesmaids on the weekend

7 Find a place where I could have my passport pictures taken after hours and within a 10km radius (this is actually harder than you think)

It’s not the first time I have asked him to bring home a genie but this time I was desperate and a little taken aback that he arrived home empty handed. When I sulked and demanded to know why he explained that they don’t exist.  But, he was careful not to shatter me completely without building me back up again and explained kindly that I didn’t actually need a genie – what I needed was a personal assistant.

Clearly we were going to have to do a lot of reacquainting.  I am not the type of person who has a personal assistant. Really, I can’t afford one, I don’t like asking people to do things for me, I often need things done for me out of “business hours”, I have a hard time asking for help and I could not possibly ask another human being some of the questions that I would pose to a genie (at least not without fear of being ridiculed).


So I am without a genie and I am without a personal assistant.  But it’s not all bad, I do have an iPhone and I could have a Sock to help me. You remember the ‘Sock’ puppet, the cheeky green character that burst onto television screens in 2007? He is back. Sort of.  But this time as an app.

The Sock Assist app gives all iPhone users access to a world leading voice concierge information service, offering business searches and need-to-know-now content such as directions, sports scores, movie times and find-a fact-searches.  With two simply taps of your iPhone screen you are through to an expert ‘personal assistant’ who will find the information you are after and then push through rich, helpful content including a tap to call function, embedded maps and contact details of all your favourite places that can be saved into your address book for future reference.

The Sock Assist app is free to download from iTunes and comes with three free calls (mobile charges apply). Pricing then starts from $3.99 for three calls purchased through iTunes:

And to launch this app, Sensis and Mamamia are running a competition where you could win an uber cool prize pack worth over $1500 including

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 cover
  • Hands free car kit
  • A year’s worth of Sock Assist credit

There will also be three additional prizes of 6-month unlimited Sock Assist credit up for grabs.

All you need to do to enter is: click here and download the app (for free) and then come back and tell us how Sock Assist will make your day easier and you’re in the running. Easy.

The competition will close 12 noon AEST on 19 July 2011 and the winning entries will be decided by Sensis.  Click here for full terms and conditions.

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