Jillian Henry's final high school photo had an unexpected guest: a naked man.

There you are, knee-deep in a still lake, wearing a new dress. There is a nude guy in the background. The sun falls across the water. A ripple breaks like a snowflake. The nude guy has a dog. #Beautiful.

A US teenager was taking photos to commemorate her senior year of high school school when she realised she’d been joined by an unexpected guest.

Jillian Henry from Oregon was posing for a photoshoot in a lake when she turned to find a nude man and his dog happily strolling on the opposite side of the water.

Henry uploaded two images that captured the moment onto Twitter with the cheeky caption: “love my senior pics”.

The images have been retweeted more than 70,000 times since they were uploaded yesterday.

Users have commented to say the pictures were unbelievable, but local residents have jumped to the teen’s defense.

“I can guarantee that this is real. This shit happens on the regular where we are from,” one user said.

Lovely day for it. Source: Twitter.

Other users have simply applauded the young woman for her well-timed capture.

"I just started crying of laughter. Oh my god," one user said.

"Omg I'm weak," another user said.

Getting back to nature. Source: Twitter.

Some users have even viewed the man as an inspirational icon.

"My goal in life is now to be as comfortable in life as this guy," one user said.

Featured image: Twitter.