Selma Blair had a 'tired mum moment' when getting petrol. It turned into a $650 disaster.

You know how mums get super dooper tired because, you know, they are the glue that keeps this godforsaken society together?


Well 44-year-old actress Selma Blair, who also happens to be mum to little son Arthur, had a bit of a ‘tired mum’ moment on the weekend. At the petrol station, to be precise.

The Anger Management star explained the horrifying (also partly hilarious) ordeal on her 340,000 Instagram followers on Sunday.

“Ok. So my head is still pounding,” she captioned a short video of her weeping.

“I drove away from a gas pump with the nozzle still in. I was chastised for wearing fur but that was weird cause it was teddy bear fur. And then I paid for the broken pump so that was over a 500 dollar (AU$650) tank of gas.”

Oh dear. That isn’t ideal.

“[I] felt awful for being so absent minded,” she continued. “Then I burst into tears in front of barista after ordering and made everyone uncomfortable.

“Still crying. And I ran out of dog food. And excedrin [migraine medication]. Can I have someone say this will pass?”


Until then, we recommend you indulge yourself with copious cups of tea and slices of pizza. The deep pan, greasy kind, of course… because you deserve it.

And to any other mothers who felt “absent minded” this weekend, we’re with you.

Keep being superwomen.