"Does anything bring Davina joy?" and 22 other thoughts we've all had watching Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset was the giant, polished marble distraction we all needed during lockdown. While we were forced to be confined to the same four walls, we were able to escape to the Hollywood hills and snoop in ginormous billion-dollar properties and peek into the lives of the real estate agents selling them.


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But during our Netflix binge, we’re pretty sure we all had the same thoughts about Selling Sunset, so we’ve summarised them in a big old list so you can reminisce about the ‘Botox and Burger’ party and be equally baffled by Christine’s tiny handbags. 

1. Wow, our definition of office attire was WELL off.

The opening shot of the team having a meeting at the Oppenheim Group featured Mary, Maya, Heather and Christine all wearing what we would have proudly sported at the Scary Canary on a night out. It seems the sartorial stakes are going to be high in this show…

Image: Netflix. 


2. We’re glad the Oppenheim team were equally confused by the name ‘Chrishell’.

For context, Chrishell’s mum confirmed the meaning behind the name and it all has to do with the birth story. She went into labour while at a ‘Shell’ petrol station and was helped out by the store attendant who happened to be called ‘Chris’. 

...Also as an additional fun fact: Chrishell isn’t even Chrishell’s first name. Her full name is actually Terrina Chrishell Stause. 

3. Speaking of, how the hell does Chrishell’s hair look so damn perfect in every shot?!

Visual proof for the doubters:

Image: Netflix. 

4. Serious question: Do they actually work in the office or are the laptops simply there for decoration?

We’re not saying that they never work, but we are saying that we’ve never seen a single laptop plugged in.

Image: Netflix. 


5. How do they walk on super expensive floors of million dollar homes in stilettos without leaving dents? Our parents won’t even let us walk on their tiles in regular heels.

Every open home involves at least four heels that could easily be used as murder weapons. Surely it’s at least $100,000 off the house price with every scuff. 

Image: Giphy.

6. On first hearing of a ‘Burgers and Botox’ buyers open home our eyes rolled.

...and by the end of the episode we truly believed that Christine Quinn is a PR mastermind. 

Image: Netflix. 


7. We’re so judgemental of Amanza being late to open homes, even though we are forever walking into work 20 minutes late with an iced coffee in hand.

Hypocrites, unite.

Image: Giphy.

8. Why are all intense meetings in front of everyone in the office?

We know that open-plan offices are all the rage, but being bollocked in front of every single one of your colleagues and an entire camera crew sounds like a HR issue. 

Image: Netflix. 


9. What exactly do the cast members carry in these handbags? A lipstick, a hair tie, a single nut?

It just can’t be practical. 

Image: Netflix. 

10. Does anything bring Davina joy?

Asking for a friend…

Image: Giphy.


11. Maya talks about starting her own agency in Miami every 5.4 seconds, but it’s been three seasons and precisely nothing has happened.

It’s gone from ‘putting things in the universe’ to ‘God, I hope someone watching just starts an agency for me’.

Image: Netflix. 

12. Chrishell and Christine going head-to-head for a buyer reminds us of a Bachelor double date in all the worst ways. 

Thank god bby Chrishell gets the rose. 

13. Jason and Brett just jumping in every now and again to announce that they’ve sold a $44 million house is really annoying. 

We get it, you’re really rich. OKAY. 

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14. Christine putting pearls in her hair parting is a power move that we didn’t know we could play.

And we will. One day. 

Image: Netflix. 

15. Mary deserves employee of the month for selling a house on her actual wedding day.

Sure the client was hella confused as to why his agent was giving him a tour in her bridal robe, but must have worked on some level!

Image: Netflix. 

16. Are the Oppenheim Group desks made out of segments of the Titanic, dragged up from the bottom of the Atlantic ocean?

You can see the ship rivets from approximately four thousand miles away. 


Image: Netflix. 

17. Christine deserved her own episode of Say Yes To The Dress.

We were starved of seeing her in a Pnina Tornai gown and we shan't stand for it. 

Image: Netflix. 


We’re pretty sure no one on earth has that amount of dollars. 

Image: Netflix. 


19. Speaking of, kinda digging Adnan.

He just really backs himself, ya know?

Image: Netflix. 

20. Chrishell talking about her sudden divorce made us cry. 

Good lord, that was heartbreaking. Poor chicken. 

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21. And then we realised that Chrishell is the prettiest crier on earth.

A far cry from Kim Kardashian’s iconic sob face. 


Image: Netflix & E!

22. If we ever decide to have fake snow at my wedding, we need to remember that it will make everyone look like they have monster dandruff. 

Winter wonderland/Head & Shoulders advertisement. 

Image: Netflix.

23. We will never own a single one of these houses, so we will live vicariously through this series forever more.  

*Sets a daily reminder that reads: No, you don’t need an infinity pool.*

You can now watch Selling Sunset on Netflix. 

Feature Image: Netflix.

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