A fan was very disappointed after meeting Bradley Cooper.

A lucky fan was thrilled to bits after snapping a photo with a smiling Bradley Cooper at Sundance Film Festival.

So thrilled in fact, he quickly uploaded the shot to social media. Who would want to waste the opportunity to post a (not so) humble brag about hob-nobbing with Hollywood royalty?

last night chillin with Bradley at Sundance #bradleycooper #Sundance

A photo posted by Sean Cassity (@seancass10) on

“Last night chillin with Bradley at Sundance,” fan Sean Cassity wrote in his Instagram.

But it wasn’t until he had shared the photo with his friends that Sean began to realise… There was something a little off with the American Hustle actor’s face.

“That’s not Bradley Cooper you guys. Not in a million years!!!” commented one user. “Close but no cigar,” said another.

One ‘grammer even asked Cassity how drunk he was “to think that was really Bradley Cooper?”

The duping was revealed when The Daily Mail provided photographic proof that the 41-year-old actor was actually in New York City, not Utah, at the prestigious film festival.

To be fair to Mr Cassity, the resemblance is pretty darn close.

Ok, fair dues. They’re very similar.

So close in fact, that Shmadley Shmooper has been gallivanting around Park City, attending parties and events associated with Sundance.

Page Six reports the look-alike talked his way into a shindig for the film White Girl. But it didn’t last long. Security quickly cottoned on, realising he wasn’t the real deal. When they approach the man, asking to see ID, he pulled out his phone to show them a screenshot from The Hangover.

Nice try, mate.

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