true crime

Two teens tortured their victim and took selfies. Now they've been sentenced for her murder.

It was one of the more barbaric murders to hit the headlines in recent years.

Two teenage girls entered the home of a vulnerable woman before torturing and brutally bashing her to death over the course of several hours, documenting the crime with selfies.

The pair, now aged 15, sobbed in the dock as a UK jury found them guilty of the December 2014 murder of Angela Wrightson, a 39-year-old alcoholic who was discovered in her living room with more than 100 injuries, 80 of which were to her face and head.

According to The Sun, the Leeds Crown Court heard how the girls, then 13 and 14, sadistically bashed Wrightson with a variety of weapons including a shovel, a kettle, a vase, a photo frame and a stick studded with screws. They also smashed a television on top of her head.

The attack lasted up to eight hours, with the girls apparently even pausing in the middle to take chilling selfie with their bruised and battered victim. The picture was uploaded to Snapchat with the caption, “Nah xx”.

The two girls then brazenly used the police as a taxi service to get themselves home, posing for another selfie in the back of the van.

Wrightson’s body was discovered several hours later by her landlord, naked from the waist down, covered in shards of glass and with dirt smeared around her genitals.

The teenagers had previously visited Wrightson’s home on a number of occasions to collect alcohol and cigarettes that she had purchased for them.

They will be sentenced later this week.