8 women share exactly what they do to turn around a tough day.

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It’s 2020 and our lives seem to be busier and more stressful than ever. Of course, there are the days when, despite the pressure, we do a pretty amazing job, whether that be smashing an early morning gym class, nailing a work presentation or successfully getting the kids out the door on time.

But now and again, there are the really tough days, the ones that almost defeat us. The days that require us to dig a little deeper if we want to turn them around.

That’s when we call upon the things that make us feel good. Things like listening to smoothfm on the drive home and singing along to your all-time feel good tunes at top volume, or running a nice, hot bubble bath the moment you get home from work.

We all have our own ways of doing our best to cope in difficult or stressful circumstances. Here, eight women share their tried and tested tips for what they do.


“Having a bad day is part of life – we can’t have the good without the occasional bad. But when it happens, it’s really important to have solid strategies in place to turn that day around without eating all the chocolate. Whenever I’m having a rough day, I will always make sure I have a highly nutritious meal – a green smoothie or a salad are my go-tos to make sure my body has everything it needs. I also meditate to drop my stress levels, move my body to any half-decent ’90s dance music and have a massage to rest my body as well.. I am always quick to pick up my phone to my amazing friends and let’s be honest, chocolate has been known to help!”

Jemimah recommends nutritious meals, meditation and great music. Amen, sister. Image: Supplied.


"Exercise always makes me feel better. But sometimes I can work out in the morning and still go on to have a tough day. That's when I call in the big guns - I'll pour myself a glass of wine, make an indulgent dinner (not necessarily something unhealthy, just something I know I'll really enjoy), then call my mum or a friend to let off a bit of steam. Once that call is over, I try to draw a line under whatever has gone wrong that day, to read rather than watch TV, and to get an early night."



"If I've had a tough day I will always go out of my way to have dinner with my mum. My mum is the best listener and someone that I can trust completely so I always feel automatically safe when I'm with her and all my stresses kind of just leave me every time I'm with her. She's also really good at knowing when I'm having a bad day and knows just what to say in those moments to make me feel better."


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