Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. We have a juicy conspiracy theory about Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Discuss.

Guys, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were papped going on a bike ride today. Sounds normal-ish, right? ‘Cause we all go for cute bike rides with our ex boyfriends… one solitary day after going to breakfast with them, and eating pancakes.

Wolves is out now! ????????

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A bit weird, no? For the paparazzi to have such intimate knowledge of where the 25-year-old and 23-year-old are catching up? For the singers’ catch ups to be in public? For them to be catching up AT ALL?

All we’re saying is they weren’t born yesterday and know how show business works. (Tip offs, you guys. We’re talking about paparazzi tip offs.)

Is it safe to let our minds wander to the prospect that maybe they are trying to ~subtly hint~ they are back together but don’t want to do it officially?

After all, in some photos her head was on his shoulder. HIS SHOULDER.

Or, you know, to create a bit more buzz for Gomez’s upcoming performance at the American Music Awards in a few weeks?


Except we are.

*cough* PR STUNT *cough*

2. Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski’s baby isn’t even a month old but is already a TV star.

Embracing her birth right as the Princess Charlotte of Australian television, there is no moment so pure as a Bachie Baby’s first moments of live TV.

Already proving that screen presence is something you’re born with, papa Sam brought baby Willow on screen while him and mum, Snezana Markoski, were chatting to Kylie and Larry on Channel 7’s The Morning Show.

Naturally she stole the show.


no words ❤️Willow

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The gushing parents were proud to report that Willow and Evie (Snezana’s first child) are already bonding, sharing that “she’s absolutely loving it, she’s really helping out quite a bit especially in the mornings.”

Watch three-week old Evie national premiere here and get ready to gush. You’re amongst friends.

3. Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy are being rather cute on Instagram and we’re in dire need of a hobby.


If Bachelor franchise relationships are anything to go by, sliding into your crush’s Instagram comments is the modern day sonnet.

Ugh. But also, awww because The Bachelorette love birds, Sophie Monk and St Laundy are doing it, and we take that as proof their relationship indeed exists.

Sharing a throwback photo from her final week on the reality dating show in Singapore, Sophie took the opportunity to do a casual bit of social media flirting.

“When you’re trying to look hot but your feet are burning on the sand… it was worth it because I fell in love,” the 37-year-old wrote.

Cue slightly sexual Instagram banter…

Stu: “Who with? ;)”

Sophie: “The dress. Don’t worry babe you can borrow it.”

Stu: “I’ve got it on now.”

Then things got a bit close for comfort, with Stu’s niece – also Sophie – chiming in, “@stulaundy44 please don’t ruin this dress for me. I really like it. @sophiemonk don’t let him near it.”

Hmmm… well, at least Sophie – Stu’s Sophie, Sophie Monk – also tagged the red playsuit we were all frothing over. It’s from Sheike. Because of course it is.

Listen: Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald discuss that heart wrenching finale on the last episode of Bach Chat:

4. DAILY KARDASHIAN BABY UPDATE: Kylie Jenner might be filming a gender reveal video.

With so much being said about Kylie Jenner’s baby, it’s easy to forget she hasn’t even confirmed her pregnancy yet.

However, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan loves a subtle hint or two and we just got our biggest one yet.

The 20-year-old’s latest Instagram post suggests she’s not only about to announce her pregnancy, but also share the bub’s gender.

Sorry… but we CARE. SO. MUCH.

Can you guess which sex from the photo below?

???? shoot day

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Yep, with pink nails on a hand holding pink butterflies, captioned “shoot day” we can only assume Kylie is expecting a baby girl.

We kinda hate ourselves…

But, for now, we continue to play the waiting game.

5. Candid legend Kelly Clarkson shares the story of how she got totally wasted at her own movie premiere.

We bloody love Kelly Clarkson.

The Since You Been Gone And Other Belters That Are Made For Heartbroken Karaoke singer is always honest in interviews, but her latest confession may be her most candid yet.

Turns out after winning American Idol in 2002 (they were truly simpler times), Clarkson was contractually obligated to feature in the film From Justin to Kelly. Haven’t heard of it? Probably for good reason.

She told US radio host Howard Stern it wasn’t a project she was particularly proud of.

Image: Instagram

"I cried so hard because I didn't want to do that movie... I got very drunk at that premiere," she said.

"I literally ended up in a fountain soaked!"

It happens to the best of us, Kelly, it happens to the best of us.