Here's how much Selena Gomez makes for posting a photo on Instagram.

Last week, Selena Gomez was crowned the queen of Instagram when her snap became the most liked photo on the platform. But perhaps queen isn’t the right word because with the kind of money Gomez is bringing in for each post, she’s more of a mogul. While I’m sure she appreciates your likes, she probably appreciates the money they represent more.

According to a report published in AdWeek, 23-year-old Gomez was found to be the top social influencer out there right now based on data provided by D’Marie Analytics, which measures, manages and monetises social media. Frank Spadafora, the CEO of D’Marie, told Ad Week that, taking Gomez’s brand partners like Coco-Cola and Pantene in to account, he estimates she is earning roughly $550,000 from posts on social media.

“This valuation is based on D’Marie’s algorithm which measures 56 metrics including followers, post frequency, engagement, quality of post, click-thru and potential to create sales conversions from her social content,” said Spadafora.

when your lyrics are on the bottle ????

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Gomez has over 180 million followers across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter which played a part in her edging out Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Beyoncé.

But Spadafora thinks it’s the way Gomez posts, the type of content she puts out there, and the fact that she doesn’t promote just any product that gives her the edge.

“It’s interesting that the statistically most influential person on social media is engaged in noticeably less campaigns than other celebrities,” Spadafora said to Adweek. “Personally, I think it’s because she’s being smart and she’s aware that over-saturating her social feeds with sponsored content could negatively impact the relationship she has with her audience.”  



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Long live the mogul of Instagram. Long may she reign.