A Bachelorette contestant lets us in on the biggest cocktail party misconception.

Everything we thought we knew about The Bachelorette is a lie and now we do not know who to trust. 

If you’ve dabbled in The Bachelorette/Bachelor franchise you would know that a great deal of anxiety surrounds the bi-weekly cocktail parties.

Firstly, because someone is going home. And secondly, because time is always running out. Will the contestants get an opportunity to speak to Sophie? Should they interrupt someone else’s conversation now? Or later? As wise Osher always says, “time with Sophie is the most important thing”.

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We spoke to eliminated bachelor Peter, who told us that in actual fact, those cocktail parties go for “half a day”.

“Obviously it’s not the Truman Show,” he said, so they can’t make it look dark if it’s actually light. But the cocktail parties start at sunset, and go into the early hours of the morning.


But today, Bingham offered us some insight into what happens during those six to eight hour parties.

We asked how many people Sophie generally gets to speak to throughout the course of the night, given that everyone seems so impatient to whisk her away.

“Everybody, everybody does…” Bingham said.


We have most definitely been led to believe that only a select few are summoned by The Bachelorette and if they don’t get in quick, they’ll miss out on catching up with her.

Bingham was eliminated on last night's episode. Image via Channel 10.

He said he had about three or four good chats with Sophie that went for about 10 minutes each, but the time usually depends on "how much she likes you".

Bingham told Mamamia that when it came to chemistry, "I don't think we got there, no. I think we both knew that."

And we couldn't help but ask the question on everyone's lips: Is Jarrod really as, um, intense as he's coming across?

"Yeah I think what you've seen, unfortunately, is very similar to the truth."

The two were close in the mansion, and Bingham says of Jarrod, "he knows what he wants... when he has his mind set on something he goes for it like nothing else."

So, who's his pick for the winner?


We're with you, Bingham. Fingers crossed.

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