The secret trick for reading your Facebook messages without it being 'seen'.

Messaging applications may make communication easy but they also make avoiding hard.

Applications such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp will alert the sender when you’ve read their message with those pesky little ‘read receipts’.

But sometimes you don’t want your ex to know you read their “you up?” message followed by their “call me when you get this!”

If you have banner notifications turned on, messages will collect on your notifications screen, ready for your sneaky perusal.

The notifications screen on an iPhone. Source: Original Image.

But if you have too many messages, they won't all show and you'll be forced to open the application and blow your cover.

We have the solution.

Aeroplane mode.

Source: Original Image.

Messages sent to your mobile or tablet are pushed from the host websites (Facebook or Whatsapp) to your device without you opening the application.

This means the information is actually stored on your phone and not only in the application.

Aeroplane mode disconnects your Internet connection and ability to read messages through applications.

Listen to the Mamamia Out Loud team discuss those pesky targeted Facebook ads. Post continues after audio. 

What this means is if you enable aeroplane mode, you can read all the messages that have been sent to your device without the sender knowing.


"You up?"

Yes. But you won't know.