Midwife Cath can tell just by looking at you if you'll have an easy or hard birth.

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After seeing 10,000 births, Midwife Cath has seen it all. In fact, she’s even started to predict how things will progress as soon as a woman is rolled into the birthing suite.

She can pinpoint who is going to be screaming for drugs in about ten minutes, and whose labour will go down like a water slide.

So when Cath Curtain said there is one linking factor in all those quick and easy births, we snapped to attention. And prayed we fell into that category.

Listen: Midwife Cath explains why some women are more likely to have an easy birth on the latest episode of Hello Bump.

Midwife Cath says she has seen some amazing and really beautiful births.

But how does she know when things are going to turn out like a PG fairy tale rather than an R-rated horror movie blood bath?

“I can tell by looking at someone… there is a look,” says Midwife Cath.

“I know that’s weird,” she admits.

What is this sorcery!? How can she tell? And is it those wide, child-bearing hips as we have always surmised?

According to the Melbourne midwife, it’s actually the opposite.

“It’s the tall, slim build,” she says, with a nod to Bec Judd. The Hello Bump co-host is, of course, the archetype of tall and slim and the poster girl for an easy birth.


*Sigh* some people really have it all.

There is another factor that makes for an easy birth, but it’s not quite as obvious on first glance – a long, capacious pelvis.

This means your pelvis is so wide, the baby will travel through with relative ease.

And that is how those petite 5-foot-nothing waifs push out a nine pound baby, in case you wondering.

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