There are secret Facebook games and this is how to get them.

Facebook has hidden secret games in their messenger application that can only be activated with emojis or code words.

There are two games we have discovered so far: a basketball game that requires users to shoot hoops with their fingers and a digital chessboard.

The games must be played using a mobile device that has the Facebook Messenger application downloaded and updated to the latest version.

In order to start the basketball game, all you need to do is send one of your Facebook friends (who also has Facebook Messenger downloaded) the basketball emoji.

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Once the emoji has been sent, tap it with your finger and a gaming screen will appear.

Messenger will record how many hoops you score and log them in your chat window.

Once you score more than 10 baskets, the backboard will begin to move from side-to-side, adding that extra level of difficulty.

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The chess game is slightly more difficult to play and requires a code word for activation.
Type: '@fbchess play' into a message and you will be prompted with an image of a chessboard.

Moving pieces requires users to use Battleship-like codes in order to continue play.

Select your piece by typing in the first letter of its name and then select the location you'd like it to move by finding the corresponding letter and number.

Pawn - P, King - K, Queen - Q, Rook - R, Bishop - B.

Knight - N...

(Because King has already taken the first K)

For example: If I were trying to move a pawn two squares forward in the above game, I would type: @fbchess PF4

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Happy gaming!

Want to know how it all began? Watch the trailer below.

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