6 myths about kids and seasonal allergies (and what I've found actually works).

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Don’t know about you – but a global pandemic sure makes for some anxious moments for parents of kids with allergies.        

Now is not the time you want your child to let out a raucous 'ACHOO' while walking through the school gate. 

Mortifying, because you’re left to explain apologetically to everyone giving you the side-eye, and that’s not to mention how uncomfortable your mini is with itchy eyes and twitchy nostrils in the classroom for the rest of the day. What to do?

I discovered a way to skip their suffering and I’m proudly here to tell you that it’s a game-changer for kids who get hayfever at the first sniff of spring.

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Specially made for our children, Zyrtec Kids has rapid acting oral liquid or drops that are easy to take so they can get back to being their busy little selves. 

Our walk to kindergarten involves a wander along paths lines with plane trees – beautiful, yes, but the airborne, fuzzy plant fibres from the trees’ seed pods turn my son, 5, into an allergic, sniffly mess within minutes of leaving the house.

Rather than allowing him to get to this stage of uncomfortableness, I'm now prepared on windy days when he’ll be affected.

We can manage to turn the day around with Zyrtec Kids in our house. The product has an appealing fruity flavour to keep the fussy kids happy, and gives us 12-hour relief from those niggly symptoms.


It’s also free from gluten, lactose and sugar, which is an important factor for me when choosing what to give to my kids.

Now, allergies can often be misunderstood. When it comes to kids who are needing relief (and quickly), it's pretty important for us parents to know simply: what's fact and what's fiction. That makes it a ton easier to manage our little ones' triggers and symptoms (plus our own parental stress – I empathise!), so we can all get back to life quicker.

So this brings me to the first myth…

Myth #1: Allergies are only seasonal. 

My son is affected by allergies all year round. There is actually no downtime. 

While seasonal allergies are usually triggered by outdoor sources like grass, tree and weed pollen or decaying leaves, it’s the perennial allergens – caused by things that are present all year – like indoor mould, pet dander or dust mites that are the invisible enemy of a sneezy kid. Thankfully for us, Zyrtec relieves both. 

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We have also found that replacing his pillows more often than you think necessary helps, as does giving his doona a regular wash at the dry cleaners to fend off the mites. 


Using washing liquid for sensitive skin when I wash his clothes and linen has also offered some relief.

Myth #2: You can build tolerance to antihistamines. 

People do not build up a resistance to antihistamines. Allergy symptoms can progress, not because you have built a tolerance, but because your symptoms have gotten worse or your exposure to the allergen could have increased.  

Changes in air pollution, air temperature, and an increased exposure to allergens can increase your allergy suffering.

Antihistamines for kids, like Zyrtec offers, are indicated for the relief of hayfever and allergy symptoms, so can be taken day after day to provide relief.

Myth #3: Life has to be put on hold if you're suffering from allergies.

Not quite correct! It's absolutely true that allergies are a prevalent problem in this country and shouldn’t be ignored, and untreated allergies have a significant impact on quality of life. 

But allergy symptoms don't have to cause major interruptions in yours or your kids' lives.

Poor sleep quality and lack of focus can be common because of allergy symptoms – and I can’t expect my children to be able to concentrate if they are overcome with hayfever.

I’ve come to the realisation that we shouldn’t hit pause on life, or struggle through it, when we can do something about it. Easing the mental load on this parenting front by keeping on top of their allergies with the right (and fast) relief is crucial.

Myth #4: Children will grow out of their allergies.

In reality, allergies can last for many years. 

The Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) says 80 per cent of children diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hayfever) will still, unfortunately, have trouble 10 years later.

Even though there are effective treatments available, there are currently no cures for allergies either.

Myth #5: All antihistamines make you drowsy.

While some antihistamines can cause drowsiness, second-generation antihistamines like Zyrtec Kids, are classed as ‘less sedating’ antihistamines, meaning they are less likely to cause drowsiness.

My daughter, now 8, is quite often aggravated by dust and other pollutants but as we live close to tram lines and on a busy highway, it’s not so easy to avoid. 

Basically, a dose will do the trick and have her again able to keep focus on her schoolwork or dancing lessons without being irritated by symptoms or feeling tired from the relief.

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Myth #6: Kids won’t have a bar of medicine.

When it comes to helping my kids move beyond the watery eye, rashy or just downright frustrated stage of allergies, the ease of finding the medicine that works well in your household can quite literally save the day (and calm a parent's mind instantly!).

Tasty flavour and handy measuring spoons have made the regular process to treat allergies much smoother. It's a heck of a lot easier to give my kids than I thought it would be before our allergy 'journey' began!

Sneezing, runny noses, watery and itchy eyes or hives and skin rashes have nearly disappeared soon after they take Zyrtec and the relief has made my kids appreciate me trying to help them and that they can get back to their all-important playing ASAP. 

Suitable for children 2 to 12 years, Zyrtec Kids will definitely continue to help my children (and their mum!) feel much more relaxed when that sneezing takes hold. 

Zyrtec has allergy solutions for the whole family, so that you and your kids can get back to life fast. Find Zyrtec Kids and the whole Zyrtec range at your nearest Chemist Warehouse or pharmacy.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

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Zyrtec Kids provides Fast Acting Allergy Relief for your little ones, allowing them to get back to being a kid fast! Specially made for kids, Zyrtec is easy to take - with measuring spoon & drops dispensing options. Zyrtec provides long-lasting 12 hours of relief from Hayfever & Allergy Symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, post nasal drip, watery & itchy eyes and hives & itchy skin rash. It’s effective against seasonal allergens such as grass, tree and weed pollen AND all year around allergens like dust, pet dander and mould. It’s also gluten, lactose and sugar free!