'Cowboy' Sean Holland's journey to true love began when he left Married at First Sight.

His TV marriage to with Susan Rawlings went pear-shaped on last year’s Married at First Sight but Sean Holland has stumbled upon true love in fellow horse lover, Roslyn Buerckner.

With 12 months having passed since he appeared on the show, Holland believes he’s found the one. But first he had to overcome the hurdle, he says, of women dating him for his fame.

“I did struggle a bit. After doing the show, (I had) a bit of time to myself. I did find it hard (finding someone) wanting to date me because I felt everyone was (dating me) not for being who I am. For being on TV,” he told A Current Affair

Buerckner is a Gold Coast a single mother who he met through a charity called Healing Hooves, at which they both volunteer.

“A lot of my girlfriends said I’d be absolutely insane and told me not to go on a date with him. I must say it’s been quite an experience. He’s one of a kind, in the best way possible. And I mean that,” Buerckner told the program. 

Hollands plans to propose soon. “We have talked about that, that I could marry her tomorrow, and I have told Roslyn.”

“Everyone’s got a dream, that they want in life, that ideal person the whole time. And Roslyn was right there,” he said. 

Taking to Instagram, Holland also told his fans he believes he’s found his soul mate.

“Slightly surreal experience to have so many strangers invested in your soul mate & watching our fairy tale love story unfold,” he wrote.

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As for his TV wife Susan, she’s also found love elsewhere, and is expecting a child. Holland wishes her well.

“Through the grapevine I have heard she’s due very soon, that Susan is pregnant. So I do wish her the best, she’s madly in love,” he told the show.