Why everyone is talking about PM Scott Morrison's bizarre photoshop fail.

OK. So we all should probably be focusing on the melting icecaps or pharmaceutical drug misuse. And we are. But people, can we all please take a brief moment of respite from the doom and gloom to acknowledge what is quickly becoming our favourite story of 2019?

Good. Thanks.

It’s Scott Morrison‘s right foot. Which is also his left foot, repeated. Well, more accurately, someone else’s left foot replicated and digitally imposed where our (presumably bipedal) Prime Minister’s own ought to be.

We’re talking about the glorious Photoshop fail that reportedly lived on the homepage of the pm.gov.au website, in which a no doubt well-intentioned member of the PM’s team decided he ought to be wearing snazzier shoes.

Below is the original un-doctored pic. Prime Minister ‘ScoMo’ Morrison, sitting on the grass with his family, being totally casual and relatable. Because ScoMo. Take note of his kicks (that’s what the kids call them. Or something.).

scott morrison photoshop shoe
Sweet pair of Adidas, ScoMo. Image: pm.gov.au

The above photograph is the one you'll see there now.

But according to some bloke on Twitter named Luke, for an unspecified period of time, the photo on the home page of our elected (well, sort of) head of Government looked like this:


A) That's... not his foot.
B) That's also two left feet. And we all know he's earning enough money not to have to swipe the try-on shoes from the shelf at Big W. We do pay him after all.
C) Grey socks. White shoes. No.
D) OK so, literally everyone can tell they are fake, but we're still a little jealous of how white and fresh they look. Kind of like with dental veneers.

Of course, we're not the only ones loving this whole saga. It's been dubbed #shoegate on social media.


Alas, as mentioned above, it seems the picture has since been reverted to the original.

But mystery Canberra-based, public servant Photoshopper, whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for this gift.