OPINION: "Scott Morrison, I may stand alone, but I applaud you. And I respect you."

Scott Morrison (ScoMo), I may stand alone. But, I applaud you. I commend you. I respect you.

And I hope that even if you see one positive post – it will give you the confidence and motivation to keep going.

You just stood in front of the nation, visibly tired and exhausted. You are trying your best, there is no handbook and yet you are expected to have all the answers. In some cases, you’re only the messenger.

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Everyone is talking as if you’re the one to blame for this, that you created this, that you aren’t doing enough or that you’re doing too much.

People demanding a full lockdown yet rage and blame you for shutting down businesses and maneuvering towards a lockdown.

People forcing you to shut borders but uproar that you’re not allowing people to come home.

People crying that you aren’t acting fast enough, yet you aren’t giving people enough notice to act.

People blaming you for businesses and services not acting fast enough as if you’re the one sitting behind the service desk.

And don’t forget it’s your fault the Internet and websites aren’t working.

People, grown-up adults, asking you to tell them what to do and then ignoring your advice.

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Essential employees need you to keep schools open so they can continue to work to help their communities and avoid joining the long line of Centrelink vulnerables, yet everyone else is demanding you to close schools. The advice is schools are open to help the people you depend on! Doctors, nurses, cashiers, etc. If you don’t want to send your kids, DON’T.


People in the comfort of their armchairs, abusing you for not enforcing systems to keep them safe yet complain when you do enforce them.

You have received backlash from every direction, every angle, in every form – from strangers who have never even seen you in person. They have no consideration for your own personal struggles or understanding of how much work you’re doing behind the scenes.

I see it, it’s all over social media. It’s on my own personal newsfeed. Yet some of these people have never worked a day in their life, some of these people have just had their allowances doubled yet still demand more, some of the people disregard any form of regulations, some of these people want you to do all the work for them.

Yet, despite all of that, here you are – you are fronting every single f*cking day. You don’t get holidays or home time. You have been working night and day to implement systems to help people. Your people.

You are granting millions of dollars of assistance to people to help them in this crisis. Rent relief, allowances, business grants, pushing for mortgage pauses! You are implementing systems under other people’s advice. You are remaining calm, even though you may be shaking on the inside.

Droughts, floods, bushfires and now COVID-19. Most Prime Ministers haven’t dealt with half of it.

I know it’s hard, but keep going. Those who would never want to stand in your shoes, appreciate you.

From Me, an independent Fifo wife and protective mother.

Who waved her husband goodbye on Sunday, not knowing when I’ll see him next. He won’t travel or risk transmission. He’ll stay there to work for us, so we have a roof over our head and to avoid falling into a pit where thousands of people need help.

We know while we are able, we will continue pushing on and fighting, so other people who need help, get it.

Stay safe everyone and remember this too will pass.

This post originally appeared on Facebook and has been republished with full permission.

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