A very serious investigation into where the bloody hell Prime Minister Scott Morrison is.

Logging into Twitter today, we noticed a number of very interesting trending hashtags and words:

  • #WhereTheBloodyHellAreYou
  • #WheresScotty
  • #HawaiiSmoko
  • #FireMorrison

These were interesting for many reasons. Firstly, because those are literally the most Australian hashtags we could imagine and secondly, because they seemed to suggest our Prime Minister Scott Morrison had headed off with his family for a lovely Hawaiian holiday.

Remember that time ScoMo, Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton joked about the impacts of climate change? Such lols. Post continues below video.

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With large swathes of the eastern states crippled by drought and blackened by an unprecedented bushfire crisis, bushfires also raging in Western Australia, millions of people in NSW sick of dangerous air quality and an extreme heatwave predicted to bring 40+ degree days to almost all of the country this week, we thought it was worth investigating whether ScoMo had in fact left for less apocalyptic conditions on a tropical island.

Because, surely not.

It’s not super fun breathing in toxic air, so we can understand the Sydneysider’s desire for a holiday. But we’re not supposed to be running the place, ya know?

In this episode of Mamamia Out Loud, Holly, Jessie and Lem discuss our Prime Minister’s response to natural emergencies, in comparison to others. Post continues below audio.

The rumour mill fired up (soz) on Monday, after NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said on Twitter the office of National Party leader Michael McCormack had confirmed to him that McCormack was acting PM until Thursday.

“We have heard rumours @ScottMorrisonMP is in Hawaii,” Shoebridge added, hashtaging #ClimateEmergency.


Then came reports suggesting ScoMo, his wife and two daughters were seen catching a plane to Hawaii on Sunday night (or an ‘undisclosed overseas location’, according to The Australian ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

But it’s 2019, and are you even in Hawaii if you don’t share photos of yourself chilling by the pool and at least four different selfies while wearing a lei? We didn’t think so.

Morrison has not shared any holiday-related content to any of his social media, which leaves us a bit… suspicious.


The last confirmed sighting of the man in charge of running this fine, but very hot, nation was on Saturday night, when he attended a Tina Arena concert in Sydney with Jenny.

(Side note: Is Scott Morrison the biggest Tina Arena fan on this planet? We think yes).


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As seriously as we take investigative journalism, we don’t have enough $$$ to jump on a flight to Maui and suss it out so we thought the next best thing would be to ask his staff.

Because… they run his office. It’s literally their job to know where he is.

Then we realised others had already done that and it didn’t go very… well.



According to The New Daily, ScoMo’s office said claims he is holidaying in Hawaii are “wrong”, but they would not disclose his location or how long he is on leave.

The office also noted his location was “not newsworthy” which is… confusing because… it is though.

Another possibility was that he was off overseas to visit Australian troops, as many PMs do at this time of year. Except it’s been confirmed he’s not doing that.

So… where the bloody hell are you Scott Morrison?

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