Why one of Scott Morrison’s first tweets as Prime Minister has voters furious.

After a tumultuous week, Australia has a brand new Prime Minister, and it would appear his every move is being watched closely by the country he now represents.

On Friday, the leadership spill came to a conclusion with (former) Treasurer of Australia Scott Morrison beating out both Minister for Foreign Affairs Julia Bishop and Liberal member Peter Dutton to take over Malcolm Turnbull.

But as we saw from the countless reactions on social media – not everyone is keen on our new PM.

And it’s easy to see why.

From his approach to immigration policy including Operation Sovereign Borders (the government policy which aimed to ‘stop the boats‘) to his decision to abstain from the same sex marriage vote, Morrison has been described as having a “conservative” and “hardline” to policy.

But it’s one of Scott Morrison’s latest tweets – one of his first as Prime Minister – that truly had voters furious.

Sharing a photo eating dinner with his wife Jenny and their two daughters Lily and Abbey, Morrison wrote “taking a quick break with some key stakeholders”.

Twitter users were quick to respond to Morrison’s tweet, questioning whether the new PM’s children knew about his controversial immigration policies.




During his time as Immigration Minister, Morrison was criticised heavily for refusing to provide details about immigration matters. He refused to answer questions about the status of asylum seekers or boats coming to and from Australia.

In 2014 the Australian Human Rights Commission delivered a report to the government which found Morrison failed to act in the best interests of children in detention during his time as minister.

He passed a bill that same year that gave him the power to return asylum seekers to where they came from, detain them without charge and refuse entry to anyone who arrived by boat. This gave him more power than any previous Immigration Minister.

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