How the world is reacting to Prime Minister Scott Morrison's bushfire response.

As the world watches Australia battle one of the most unprecedented bushfire seasons we’ve ever seen, there’s a secondary story that’s been gaining momentum: Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his response to the fires. 

Amongst the devastating losses, the spreading fire threat and the mass evacuations there has also been a lot of noise and anger being directed at our leader. His name is trending, but not in a good way.

Today, footage from Morrison's visit to Cobargo is doing the rounds. Image: Nine.

It started with Morrison's Hawaiian holiday and boiled over after the Prime Minister held a New Year's Eve party that many deemed "tasteless" given the disaster that was unfolding. From there, the anger only grew when he held a cheery photo opp with the Aussie cricketers the next day while whole communities surveyed the damage from the night before.

After visiting fire affected communities, footage has emerged of locals and firefighters refusing to shake his hand. There's no denying the growing mood.

Here's the footage from Cobargo. Post continues after video.

Video by 9News

Our Prime Minister is only one man, and most of the country knows he can't work miracles. He can't put the fires out, and he can't snap his fingers and make this all go away.

But it's the way he's being handling events, press conferences and speeches that have many feeling prickly.

Here are some of the reactions from not just here in Oz, but around the world.

Bette Middler, American singer/songwriter.

Piers Morgan, UK journalist and TV host.


Jameela Jamil, actor.

Sarah Blasko, singer.

Nazeem Hussain, comedian.


Georgia Love, journalist and reality TV star.

International publications.

The New York Post labelled our Prime Minister “hapless” while writing about his meeting this morning in Cobargo, NSW.

The Independent's front page told its readers, "this is what a climate crisis looks like."

The Independent on the left and the New York Post on the right.

Magda Szubanski, actor/comedian.

Prue McSween, journalist.


Andrew Constance, Liberal member for Bega.

Senior NSW Liberal Andrew Constance says the Prime Minister got "the welcome he probably deserved" when he was heckled by angry residents in a bushfire-ravaged town.

"I say this to the Prime Minister today, the nation wants you to open up the cheque books, obviously help people rebuild their lives," Constance told Seven, after Morrison's visit.

“I know this is tough and I know I’m on his side of politics. But the only two people who are providing leadership at this stage are (NSW Rural Fire Service commissioner) Shane Fitzsimmons and (NSW premier) Gladys Berejiklian,” he added.

Greta Thunberg, climate activist.

... And there's more.

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