9 women review Schwarzkopf's Root Retoucher and Brilliance ranges for quick hair fixes.

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There’s something about DIY hair colouring and root touch-ups that can intimidate even the most seasoned beauty expert.

Perhaps it’s because we associate the process with spending hours, and often hundreds of dollars, in the salon, while the hairdresser takes us from the chair to the basin over and over again.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Between Schwarzkopf’s Root Retoucher (RRP $17.99) for instant root touch-ups and their Brilliance (RRP $14.99) at-home hair dye for long-lasting, glossy colour, they’ve got you sorted.

Schwarzkopf Brilliance. Image: Supplied.

But don't take our word for it. We recently asked dozens of women from our Mamamia You Beauty Panel (join here!) to road test the products, and come back with their honest reviews.

Here's what nine of them had to say.

Schwarzkopf's Root Retoucher

Natasha: "Instead of plucking them out (terrible, I know), I sprayed this on."

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher
Image: Supplied.

Age: 26

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"Being a 26-year-old with almost black, fast-growing hair and rapidly sprouting greys, finding time to either visit a hairdresser or doing a DIY job while working full time isn’t easy. I was hoping the Root Retoucher would be my saving grace, and it was. Instead of plucking them out (terrible, I know) I sprayed this on to cover them up.

"My biggest tip when using this product is to refrain from touching your hair and scalp after spraying it on. If you use the 'Black' colour like me, you’ll end up with the product on your fingers instead of on your greys. It might take you a few tries before you master the spray.

"This product is great for anyone who wants to try and space out their root touch-ups as long as possible!"

Rebecca: "Great for camouflaging greys."

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher
"Minimal scent and really easy to use." Image: Supplied.

Age: 42

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"The Root Retoucher was super easy to use, and a quick step with a big impact on my appearance. I used mine on clean hair...or as needed when the sunlight began bouncing on the pesky grey hairs in my hair. It's great for camouflaging greys in between colour sessions.

"On a day-to-day basis, I applied a quick spray on my hair line, especially if my hair was up or pulled back. I would then clean up any specks and continue with my makeup.


"I loved the minimal scent and it was really easy to use with super buildable coverage, making it great for all shades of brown."

Moura: "At first I was sceptical..."

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher
"I got some on the sink and my skin but it easily came off with a simple wipe down." Image: Supplied.

Age: 39

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"I used this in between colours. My hair is long, black and sadly greying, and my greys are quite coarse. At first I was sceptical, but I put that aside and what do you know, it covered the greys.

"I used it in the AM and it seemed to last well until I went to the gym, but it did come off with water and sweat which was expected. The product was super easy to use, and as the instructions say use a towel to protect clothing. I got some on the sink and my skin but it easily came off with a simple wipe down.

"For anyone who needs that quick fix in between their colour appointment - it's FABULOUS."

Sara: "A little makes a difference."

Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher
"It added depth to my roots in between hairdresser visits." Image: Supplied.

Age: 40

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"I have a few silvers only but loved the product, it added depth to my roots in between hairdresser visits. This product is best used once your hair is essentially styled. A little makes a difference and you don’t need to spray a heap for great results.

"The scent is non-offensive and not even strong. The nozzle and spray was easy to use and provides an even spray. For closer to the hairline spray, you’d want to place some tissue paper near hairline. This product was far superior to others I’ve tried and there was no heavy, or sticky hairspray feel. My hair even looked good the day after, even though it wasn't washed and swept up in a bun.

"Shake the bottle thoroughly before spraying and press the nozzle firmly, otherwise it will splatter a bit. Also, start with a light spray all over. It’s buildable."

Schwarzkopf's Brilliance

Georgia: "Easy to apply and great colour coverage."

Schwarzkopf Brilliance reviewSchwarzkopf Brilliance review
"Really appreciated the extra sachet of conditioner." Image: Supplied.

Age: 22

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"Schwarzkopf's Brillance was easy to apply and had great colour coverage. Highly recommend.


"The instructions are easy to follow, you simply mix the colour up and then get ready to apply. The colour goes on very easily, I have very long hair and one bottle was sufficient for all of my hair from root to tips. I am a regular user of home hair dye and really appreciated the extra sachet of conditioner. You use one conditioner when washing the dye out after the advised time limit and another sachet is provided for the next wash. The smell wasn't overwhelming, as some can be very strong, and it didn't make my scalp itchy.

"Apply paw paw cream around your hair line on the skin before you start to colour your hair. Once you have finished with the application simply take a cotton pad and swipe any leftover dye off your skin to avoid staining."

Jasmine: "I found a vibrant red that lasts."

Schwarzkopf Brilliance review
"My photo was taken two weeks after dying." Image: Supplied.

Age: 25

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"This hair dye lasts beautifully. I washed my hair every third day, and it's still reasonably bright after two weeks. This photo was taken two weeks after dying.

"To be honest, the scent could have been better... but it could have been worse too! The instructions were simple, and easy to use. I was SO impressed with the colour range! Usually for a red hair dye, there's one (if you're lucky) but I remember choosing between two to three different shades of bright red.

"Also, don't wear a white shirt after rinsing it out unless your hair is fully dry... Learned that the hard way."

Han: "I'd use this to cover my greys in between salon visits."

Schwarzkopf Brilliance review
"I'm a mum, so anything to prolong a [visit to the] salon is amazing!" Image: Supplied.

Age: 43

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"I'd use this to cover my greys in between salon visits, and it's really good."

"The colour is rich and covered my greys better than other brands I have purchased in the past. The colour doesn't drip which is great, and the conditioner was a great joy, and not heavy at all.

"I'm a mum so anything to prolong a [visit to the] salon is amazing. I don't have time to go to the salon every six weeks!"

Jade: "The colour hasn't faded at all so far."

Schwarzkopf Brilliance review
"The dye left my hair looking shiny and feeling soft." Image: Supplied.

Age: 24

Would you recommend this product? Yes.


"It was great. The dye left my hair looking shiny and feeling soft.

"The smell was a bit overpowering, but it gave me a great colour that hasn’t faded at all so far."

Juliette: "Seamless shiny colour that won't damage your hair."

Schwarzkopf Brilliance review
Image: Supplied.

Age: 51

Would you recommend this product? Yes.

"I like to dye my own hair as I don't have the three hours needed to spend at the salon!

"The product was super easy to use. The kit came with easy to follow instructions, and everything I needed for a great at-home colour. The consistency of the product was great - not too runny so it was very easy to apply. I liked the bright yellow colour too. It did not have the nasty, chemical smell of other dyes I have used.

"This product is best used in the bathroom, actually I like to clean the bathroom while I have it in my hair. By the time I'm done, I'm ready to rinse and use the lovely, light conditioner pack included. The bright yellow tone [of the colour cream] makes it really easy to use for root touch-ups as you can see where you have applied the product.

"This product is ideal for busy people who don't have hours to spend at the salon, but still want flawless, professional, seamless shiny colour that won't damage your hair."

To see the full range on offer from Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher and Brilliance, head to Priceline and find the right product for you now.

These reviews were collected by Mamamia's You Beauty Panel and have not been altered. You can find out more about the You Beauty Panel by joining the You Beauty Facebook group.


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