Why is everyone getting a lolly for just playing school sports?


We’ve always had oranges for half time at Saturday school sports.

But now, there’s something else that’s creeping in; lollies at the end of the game.

Everyone gets a lolly. image via isSock

On Mamamia Outloud this week, host Monique Bowley asks Mia Freedman why.

"There is no reason, it's just, 'well done you need a reward. For finishing. Not that you won, it's just that you played for 20 minutes'."

When did this become a thing? Listen to Monique, Mia and special guest host Nikki Gemmell...


Imagine if a fast food company sponsored the team? There would be outcry. Parents would be appalled.

You can listen to the entire episode, which covers Pixie Curtis, bikini babes on Instagram, and what makes for a good wife, below or subscribe to Mamamia Outloud in iTunes.

Do your kids get lollies after school sport?


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