Why finding a great school shoe is so important.

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My favourite part of getting ready to go back to school after a long summer spent with friends and family was going to the shops with Mum and getting all of my new supplies.

From shoes, to a backpack, books, a new pencil case and stationery, I always had a list handy of what I was after before I hit the classroom.

While I may not have realised it at the time, the shoes Mum and I chose were far more important than any other purchase on my list. I remember counting down the days until we’d visit the shoe shop and I could compare my growth to the previous year by placing my foot on the fancy colourful carpet with all of the different sized footprints before picking the pair that always looked the trendiest.

"I always had a list handy of what I was after before I hit the classroom." Image: iStock.

Mum always did the grown up part, making sure they were good not only for my feet but would support my posture and overall health for the year. And now having been a teacher myself, I understand more than ever how important it was that she did that every year without fail.

Kids spend a lot of time in their school shoes and (if they're anything like I was) probably don't get out of their uniform until the early night or just before dinner. I lived in my school shoes.

That's why it's so important to choose the right pair, making sure they always feel comfortable and supported no matter what activity they might be participating in.

I've seen many students walk through the classroom wearing shoes that may have looked pleasing but in reality, didn't give them the support or comfort they needed. What usually resulted was parents sending me letters, asking for their children to be excused from wearing sneakers to school or in some instances, even sandals, while they got them a new pair of leather school shoes.

While I always understood, this could have been avoided by investing a bit more in a shoe that would have lasted the whole year and in many cases, beyond. A bad shoe, besides causing your child discomfort and hurting your back pocket by having to replace them several times a year, can also cause an array of other health related problems.

From daily pain, to blisters, improper growth, injuries and even development of unusual gait, not investing in a good pair of school shoes is just far too costly, both financially and health wise in the long run. But while that does all sound a little scary there is some good news.


"It's so important to choose the right pair." Image: iStock.

The Athlete's Foot specialises in fitting children’s feet, and are experts in identifying the exact pair of shoes your child needs. Not only that, they also make sure to find a style that your kids will love to put a spring in their step. It really is the ideal place to take your kids for back to school shopping.

It's important to remember that children do so much more in their day than just sitting in the classroom. There's a lot of walking and physical activity involved, not to mention a lot of running and jumping around.

That's why The Athlete's Foot offers a number of brands such as Ascent and Clarks that offer not only different width options but also half sizes which means they can always find the perfect fitting option.

Some other important benefits to look for in school shoes are a mid-sole that absorbs shock, leather uppers and quality stitching to add durability as well as a leather lining to allow little feet to breathe. When it comes to the right shoe, The Athlete's Foot really have everything you could need.

The Athlete's Foot also use the latest technology to ensure that shoes are the right fit, including their exclusive FITZI® technology. Things have clearly come a long way since the days of the carpet chart...

They even offer Afterpay, a handy 'buy now, pay later' system which can be helpful when you're feeling the pinch of back to school costs, especially when you have multiple children to buy for.

I've experienced first hand the amazing feeling students have when they've found the perfect pair of shoes to wear everyday. They truly don't find anything more exciting and zoom around the classroom feeling superhuman.

There's nothing better than seeing them so happy and with the help of The Athlete's Foot, your kids are sure to keep that smile on their face all year round.

How do you ensure your child's feet are taken care of?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner The Athlete's Foot.