8 things every parent who does the school pick up will understand.

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Ah – the school pick up.

One of those seemingly straightforward everyday tasks that is somehow filled with so many frustrations that sometimes it’s tempting to tell your little darlings to catch the bus home.

OK – I might be exaggerating slightly. But for every parent who’s ever struggled to find a parking spot in torrential rain while their child dawdles without a care in the world:

This is for you.

Here are eight things every parent who’s ever braved the school pick up will definitely relate to.

1. Gah – I’m running late. Again…

You look at the clock – and it’s 3:10pm. Yep, you’ve got five minutes to battle traffic and find a park before your child is forced to wait forlornly for you. The stakes have never been higher…

2. The weather will take a turn for the worse.

It’s Murphy’s Law – I’ve lost count of the times it was sunny and beautiful all day long, only to start thundering, lightning and bucketing down the moment you jump in the car and start driving towards the school. Running late + wet, cold kids = disaster.

3. Oh dear god, there’s no parking space.

Phew. You made it just as the bell goes. But – and this is a big but – there’s no parking spaces. They’ve all gone to the organised mums who got there early. At this stage you’ll find a park so far away from the school that you may as well just walk home…

4. Car/outfit/life envy.

You’ve done the impossible, and found a parking space. It’s a miracle. And while you are waiting for your offspring to arrive, you have time to have a quick chat with the other mums – who are always dressed impeccably, while you’re sporting sweatpants covered in various food stains.

And then there’s the cars – theirs are often spotless and free from kid-related junk, while yours… well, let’s just say it could double as a used toy store.

5. They’re late.

All that rush and all that panic to get there in time, and then your own child is late. How long can it possibly take to grab a schoolbag and find your mum? A long time, apparently.


Eventually, you go out in search of them – only to find them chatting away to their little buddies, completely oblivious to you waiting around like a maidservant.

6. They forget their bag/jumper/hat.

Finally, you get them into the car. You’re good to go. Except – you’re not. Because they’ve inevitably left behind their bag/jumper/hat/other essential belonging you’ve already replaced 45 times this year.

Fact: The older your child gets, the more things they will lose during the day. Kindy kids are diligent, and hats, homework and jumpers come home. By Year 2, each day they come out of the classroom missing something… one day a hat, the next a raincoat. They do it to mess with your brain, I’m convinced.

7. Then, the demands start.

Universal truth: The very first thing your child will say once you’ve picked them up is “what are we doing this afternoon?” The second is “what’s for afternoon tea?” And then it begins…

8. You’re excited to see them – every time.

Sure, the school pick up can sometimes be a little draining. But secretly it’s the best part of the day, even if you like to complain every so often. During the day, you miss them – and the moment they run up to you with a hug and a big smile and say “hi mum”.

It’s priceless.

How does the school run go for you? Anything we missed?

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