This mum documented 24 years worth of school lunches and she is our hero.

An Australian mum’s 24 years worth of school lunches have gone viral after being posted to online forum site Reddit.

The post was put up to commemorate her youngest’s final days living in the family home.

According to the mum’s calculations, this week’s lunch marks almost 12, 500 school lunches that she has prepared for her family of five children.

Each lunch is an intricately cut, vibrant display of patience, love and good nutrition.

school lunches mum
Monday. Source: Imgur.
school lunches mum
Tuesday. Source: Imgur.
school lunches mum
Wednesday. Source: Imgur.

However, the original poster is quick to assure everyone these gastronomical flourishes weren’t always on the menu.

“I can assure you the first kid’s lunches were a whole lot different than the last. I miss no name fruit snacks.” Pmmeurdisease wrote.

school lunches mum
Thursday. Source: Imgur.

“When you look closely, you can see the subtle influences from a French-born mother, a South African father, an Australian upbringing and, finally, Boulder, Colorado, where a long-lived tradition, nurturing and revered, is coming to an end.”

school lunches mum
Friday. Source: Imgur.

The original post has even been edited to include commentary from their mum.

Mom: How fun! Wow, all those comments!

Me: A lot of offers to be your child.

Mom: So done, no more room

Me: A lot of offers if you’re single, too

Mom: Ditto :)

We’ll be submitting our adoption requests via express post. Sorry, mum.

Watch below for some fun and handy tips on expanding the ways your child eats.

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