Parents are divided about this preschool's very prescriptive list of lunchbox rules.

A mum has reached out for help after struggling for ideas to comply with a very strict list of lunchbox rules from her son’s preschool.

She posted a picture of the list to a Facebook group to ask for food ideas that would comply with the school’s outlined traffic light system.

“I’m really struggling with this list,” she wrote. “My son is super fussy! Doesn’t eat veg and will only eat bananas!

“Does anyone have any suggestions on things I can make for him that fall into these categories?”

The list is very… comprehensive.

Image: Facebook.

The green list of approved foods included healthy snacks like fruit and vegetables, along with bread, rice, pasta, legumes and cold meats. They could also give their children cheese and yoghurt - but only if it is plain or vanilla flavoured.

The amber list contains savoury products like quiches, muesli bars (without chocolate or yoghurt coating), air-popped popcorn, rice cakes, crackers and baked goods like English muffins.

The red list contains foods the school will only allow the children to have "up to 2-3 times per year", including any drink that is not water, lollies, chocolate, cakes, biscuits and other sugary baking.

The mum was after food suggestions, but other parents couldn't help but call the list out for being a bit OTT.

One mum said the list "looks tough" while others called it "ridiculous".

"If our school ever implements this list, I’ll tell them to get stuffed," wrote one mum.

Others said they had received similar lists from their children's schools and said they were commonplace these days.

Thankfully, the comments also provided lots of lunchbox inspo for the struggling mother.

Suggestions that don't break the rules include savoury scrolls, banana bread, fruit and oat muffins, banana chips, cheese sticks, bolognese pasta (with added veges hidden, of course) and mini pizzas with English muffin bases.

What do you think about this pre-school's lunchbox rules? Harsh, or helpful?

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