Five reasons why I’m giving the Big Bash League a chance this summer.

Big Bash League
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As the school year starts to come to an end, we’re already thinking about the holidays – where we can go, what we can do and how we can avoid a meltdown from any member of the family over what the schedule of activities ends up being.

Going to the cinemas has always been a holiday staple. My daughter loves watching movies on the big screen and it’s a sure-fire way to keep her entertained, quiet and her potentially unhealthy love for popcorn satisfied. What it also does however, is burn a hole in my purse.

With the average price of a family night at the movies in Australia costing the equivalent of a one-way flight to the Gold Coast (crazy!), I’ve been pretty determined to find an affordable and exciting alternative for the coming school holidays. From tapping the smarts of my fellow mums and dads facing the same predicament, I found one option that seems to be the right fit. Something that not only my daughter will love, but my hubby and I can get excited about too.

My daughter Summer loves the outdoors. Image: Supplied.

It's the KFC Big Bash League. Seriously, you don’t have to be dedicated cricket fans to enjoy the BBL - it's more of an entertainment event for the whole family. Sure, my daughter is into sport, but word of mouth among my friends is that it's a day out with so much more. And importantly, it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Here's why I'm choosing the BBL over the movies these holidays:

1. Every seat in the house is good, and for the right price.

Just like the movies, tickets for the BBL can easily be purchased online. The difference though? Tickets are from just $42.50 for a family of four. For nonstop entertainment for a fun day or night out, the value is hard to argue with.

And if you can’t go one game due to the time slot, there are 43 BBL games over the summer holidays, so there is sure to be a match time to suit everyone in the family.

2. The entertainment is better than HD.

Seriously, you do not get this at the movies. Every game of BBL features an awe-inspiring firework display (who doesn't love fireworks?). On top of that, there’s music, dancing performances and more, all within the safe confines of the cricket grounds. And the dress code, well, some fans love a good dress-up - which perfectly suits me and my daughter. Pass the face paint, please.


3. In-your-face action, not passive persuasion!

Showcasing some of the best cricketers in the world, the BBL has a fast, exciting format that will keep you and the kiddies on the edge of your seats. None of this long, drawn-out cricket that the kids fall asleep during (much like a movie), the BBL is packaged up into a quick, explosive three-hour event that will have the whole family hanging on each ball. Call out the sixes, try and catch a ball, get vocal and among the crowd – no need to keep the kids confined and quiet!

Big Bash League
Little legends at the Big Bash League at the Melbourne Cricket Ground earlier this year. Image: Getty.

4. Buy it or bring it - the choice is yours.

Unlike the cinemas, there is no policy against bringing your own packed food or drink to the games (just be sure to leave the glass and alcohol at home!). You can dine in – but out! If you prefer to buy your snacks at the grounds, there are a heap of choices available from the traditional sporting match cuisine (pie anyone?) through to tasty gourmet options.

5. Don't watch the stars. Meet them.

Kids love coming face to face with the heroes and unlike the movies, there are opportunities for you and the family to actually meet some of the BBL stars, in the flesh, from a range of teams. You can touch them, chat with them and get cricket tips from the best in the business. And don’t forget to smile and take some happy snaps so the kids can show their friends. Selfies for days!

Of course, getting to a real-life game will be like nothing else you do these school holidays, however if you can’t get along to watch in person, you can view the games live on Channel Ten.

But for me, BBL offers a chance to take my daughter away from the screens at home and into an exciting environment where I can spend quality time with her.

From my friends' recommendations, BBL is just the ticket - and much cheaper than the many movie tickets I'm used to forking out for during school holidays. See you there!

Have you been to the BBL? What's it like? Share with us below.

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