A big school holiday day out - in your own backyard.

The winter school holidays can send you broke if you’re not careful. It can be tempting to fill up your children’s time with expensive indoor activities like play centres, bowling, the movies and laser tag.

But you know what? Money doesn’t grow on trees. So why don’t you try out this school holidays activity that takes up entire day and costs exactly nothing.

It’s called: Your own backyard adventure and all it requires is a little preparation.

That morning when your children wake up and ask, “What are we doing today?” tell them you are going on an amazing exploration of your own backyard and by the end of the day they will have made an earth ball, found worms, started on their ant farm and even found the key to making their wildest dreams come true.

Here’s what you do:

What activities do you and your children get up to in your backyard?

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