MUMS CONFESS: When kids become little monsters on holidays.

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What’s a family holiday with a little vomit, sleeplessness, and maybe even a quick hospital visit?

Every parent who’s ever bravely taken their children away in the hopes of a family ‘holiday’ will know all too well that there’s often more intense parenting time than pool time.

But, that’s fine, because you don’t get real memories without real experiences, right?

To celebrate the DVD and Digital release of Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation (just in time for Term 3 school holidays), where young Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez) takes her father, Dracula (Adam Sandler), on a luxury monster cruise, we asked some parents to share their funniest family vacation moments with their little monsters! All worth it, of course.

“Kids Eat Free” has a limit.

“We were at a resort which had a ‘kids eat free’ policy. But our five-year-old is actually a really hearty eater, and loves seafood – especially lobster. So after a couple of nights of watching us, the manager came over to say we’d have to pay full adult price for her, even though we had been pretending to get the food for ourselves.” – Amy

“We were in a lovely hotel in Singapore and my seven-year-old ate a $12 packet of chips and $8 chocolate bar from the mini bar every day for ten days when I was in the shower. I didn’t know about it until I saw the charges when we were checking out and started disputing them – then my son had to confess.” – Nora

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When there’s a buffet for dinner. Video: Columbia Picture/Sony Pictures Animation

There’s always a wet mess and not enough dry clothes.

“After a disastrous flight from Bali, where the 15 month old screamed for the entire time, at around 2am on our long drive home from the airport, the four year old started projectile vomiting in the back seat. There were lots of tears – mostly from me.” – Kelly

“We were about to take off on a 14-hour flight to Los Angeles and my seven year old spilled the entire contents of a bottle of sticky lemonade into my crotch. I was wearing denim jeans (old-school style, so they were thick and didn’t dry quickly), and I sat there with a sticky wet crotch for the entire time. They wouldn’t even let me go to First Class to use a hair dryer.” – Mindy

Planes are a bane.

“We were going on our first- ever family holiday with our two year old. She’d always been pretty easy, so we thought it would be OK for the six-hour flight. Of course, this was the precise time she chose to come into the ‘terrible twos’, and screamed as though we were torturing her when we tried to sit her in her seat.” – Tranh

Jet lag is a drag.

“We arrived in London, and it took three days for the kids to recover from their jet lag. Basically, their cycle didn’t settle down until one third of the way through our holiday. They were wide awake at 3am and wanting to hit the pool. The same thing after we got home, but at least we weren’t all stuck in one small hotel room together, then!” – Mel


“We went to Iceland for my best friend’s wedding in the middle of January (which is the middle of winter in Iceland). In Iceland in January the sun rises at 11am and sets at 3pm. We had a three year old and five month old who were SO jet lagged and awake allll night and so grumpy and tired in the day…. All the advice I was getting to help with the jet lag was “take them outside in the early morning sun to reset their circadian rhythm”. The sun LITERALLY doesn’t rise until 11am in Iceland in January!” – Tam

What’s a holiday without a hospital visit?

“We arrived in Vietnam, and my daughter promptly fell off the hotel bed – because she was jumping on it. Twelve hours later, we returned to the room from hospital – with a plaster cast, a very grumpy eight year old. I was so angry, I ate the $10 Pringles and drank the $24 half-bottle of wine from the mini bar.” – Susan

“First night of camping in Cairns I discovered my three-long haired girls had nits.” – Julie
Ah, the memories. Sometimes you’ve just got to have a laugh, right?

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