Running out of ideas to keep the kids busy? This $5 hack is a bloody SAVIOUR.

School holidays can get quite exxy quick. There are the movie tickets, copious activities (ice-skating, laser tag, painting lessons etc.) and the need for so many more snacks (AKA good behaviour bribes), however babysitter and Brisbane radio host Bree Tomasel has come up with the perfect solution.

And you’ll only need three things.

  1. A $5 note
  2. A wall
  3. A sense of humour.

The premise is simple: Find two children (preferably those with a competitive streak) place a $5 note on their foreheads facing a wall and make them compete for who can keep the note tacked against the wall for the longest.

The one who outlasts the other gets to keep the note. Substitute for larger denomination of note or smaller change depending on status of bank account/desire of generosity.

You could even treat yourself to a cheeky beverage while marvelling at your excellent child rearing skills.


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However, before you immediately whip out your wallet and find the nearest pair of gullible children (or cry child abuse) it’s worth noting that the video itself was a gag.

We got in touch with Bree and while the kids in the video are family friends rather than the children of real babysitting clients, the response from parents has struck an international cord.

“I’ve received messages from France, Sweden, America and all over Australia just to mention a few. It’s such an amazing feeling to see people connecting with content you’ve created,” Bree told Mamamia.


“I’ve had quite a few parents message me and thank me as they’ve tried it and its given them 10 minutes of peace and quiet and the kids also get something out of it… so it’s a win-win they feel.”

Also, we can proudly report, that the kids did indeed keep the money, which for a four and six-year-old is practically like winning the lottery.

Wins all round, yes?

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