Fun (and cheap) things to do with the kids these school holidays.

The kids will love them and they won’t blow the bank.

Can you believe the first term is over already? Where does time go?

If your kids are anything like mine you’re currently enduring the endless cries off “I’m booooooorred”.

As we all know though most of the typical school holiday activities cost a tonne of money. Movies, bowling, skating, laser tag; all of these activities have you dishing out the moolah like it grows on trees.

Sadly, we all know that isn’t the case and, for most of us, the holidays mean two weeks of trying to keep our kids entertained as cheaply as possible.

Can you believe holidays are here already?Photo via iStock

So to keep everyone happy, we've come up with a list of nine of the best, and cheapest, ways to keep the kids entertained these holidays.

Teddy Bears Picnic.

Probably best for the younger kids a Teddy Bears Picnic is a great spin on a regular picnic outing. Get your kids to bring their favourite teddy, or Barbie, or Superhero, and set up a picnic the whole group can enjoy.  This is great to do with a group of friends or even at home in the backyard.


Have you ever played tourist in your home town? Turns out it can actually be quite fun. If you're in NSW you can even venture out further with Transport NSW offering Sunday Family Funday tickets that are $2.50 for unlimited rides on trains, ferries, light rail, and buses from the Blue Mountains, into the city, up to Newcastle and down to the Illawarra.

Movie nights.

Seeing the latest movie doesn't have to cost a fortune. You can buy movies legally for just a few dollars on iTunes and Foxtel or if you have Netflix you'll have hours of entertainment available to you. Grab some popcorn and blankets and set the family up in the lounge room for a great night in.

Baking days.

I am yet to meet a kid that doesn't love cooking. I have fond memories of eating the cake mix myself as a child. Dust of the old mixer and spend some time in the kitchen these holidays. You'll be surprised at how interested kids become in the cooking process when you make them a part of it.

Kids will love a baking day.Photo via iStock

Kinetic sand.

It's been months and my kids are still obsessed with this stuff. This will literally keep your kids entertained for hours. This awesome DIY recipe for Kinetic Sand means it won't cost you a fortune either.


Sometimes it's hard to see the cousins or friends from other schools during the school terms. Holidays are a great time to arrange a sleep over so the kids can catch up. Take turns going to each other's houses and the parents get a break too. It's perfect for everyone.

Scavenger Hunt.

I've seen this done at parties but why not do it to keep the kids happy in the holidays? After hiding a few items around the house and the yard, write a list of items they have to search for and send them on their way. If you hide them well enough they will be busy for a while.

Campout in the backyard.

Kids love camping but not all parents love the packing and the travelling that goes with an actual camp trip. Save some time and money and hitch the tent in the backyard. The kids will absolutely love the novelty and parents will love the fact their creature comforts are just a few steps away.


Between sports training and grocery shopping you probably haven't been spending your afternoons at the park or the beach. Pack a bag and take the kids and remind them how much fun the local park or beach can be. Best part is they are all free.

How do you plan to keep the kids entertained these holidays?

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