A mum has demanded other mums "try a little" during school drop off in an epic online rant.

Every parent knows that school mornings are usually a specific kind of hell.

There’s fighting about getting out of bed, brushing teeth, packing lunches, the wearing of shoes, and sibling bickering – just to name a few things. Throw in a form that magically needs to be signed by today, and an entire science project that suddenly needs to be completed between 6:30am and 6:45am, and you have a highly stressful couple of hours.

And a completely standard school morning in any household.

But, not in one mum’s house, apparently. No, not this mum, who has posted on social media about how every other mum at school drop off needs to lift their game and attend with a face full of make up, and high standards (which are only high because she’s on her high horse).

And they say the sisterhood is dead. #solidarity.

The post, which was shared on the Sanctimommy Facebook page, begins with an unapologetic, “Sorry if this hits close to home”.

But the woman is clearly not sorry in the slightest, as she then launches into a full-scale scold of other mothers who are innocently sitting in their cars taking their kids to school.

“Even if you aren’t getting out of the car at drop off can you please try a little,” she continues, explaining that she has noticed some things in the mornings that are extremely displeasing to her sensibilities – and her daughter’s.

“All we see is rat nest hair, no make up, eye bags out to wherever,” she complains in disgust.

But that’s not the worst of her experience that other mums are inflicting on her.

The woman adds, “I think I can smell morning breath coming from these cars”.

Dear God, no.


How very dare these women not observe basic hygiene for themselves, choosing instead to prioritise their children so they can get to school? It’s beyond the comprehension of this mum – and her daughter, too, who is compelled to ask her mother why “my friends mommies all look so old”.

Because, as every woman knows, there’s no bigger crime for a woman than looking old.

Finally, in utter bemusement, and non-genuine concern, the woman asks, “If my seven year old can see you aren’t even trying what is your husband thinking?”

Please, think of your husband, ladies.

As the administrator of the page said in her repost, “What better mother-daughter activity is there than harshly judging other women for their appearance in the privacy of their own vehicles at 7am?”

The administrator also suggested in response to the final question, that, “My husband is thinking ‘Thanks, wife, for dropping the kid off at school so I don’t have to?'”

Unsurprisingly, the comments section of the repost was filled with similar comments, mostly mocking the sanctimonious tone of the rant.

“Today my 4 year old asked me, “Mommy, why do people go online and lie about things their child said? Don’t they realise that children do not speak in the complex structure they want us to believe?” wrote one mum.

“If I washed my hair and put on makeup to take my kids to school my husband would have hired a private detective to find out who I was having an affair with,” said another.

One commenter observed that the post highlighted a double standard: “Just for the record, my husband also isn’t putting concealer on for the drop off line, but I don’t judge him it’s called MARRIAGE and it’s about loving the face your spouse was born with sorry your marriage is one lipstick-less day from an affair”. 

We think that last comment wins the internet, because, as one woman said, “It’s sad when ladies are part of the patriarchy”.

Especially when they’re indoctrinating their child, too.

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