A school's dress code video has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

A school in Texas has apologised after playing a “sexist” dress code video that upset students and parents. Yup, here we go again.

The Marcus High School, set to “Bad Girls” by M.I.A., showed teenage girls wearing shorts while walking in the school hallways and zoomed in on their bare legs. The video then shows them being punished by a teacher and sent to a room for “dress code violators”.

They are then forced to repeat the line “I will not wear athletic shorts.”

NBC DFW reported the video was shown to 3000 students during a school advisory period, but it caught their attention for all the wrong reasons.

No male students were shown or mentioned in the video, despite Marcus High School being co-ed.

Student Cat Moring shared the video to Twitter, where it received more than 1000 retweets and hundreds of replies.

The school’s principal issued a statement of apology to parents the following day, saying he had also apologised to students at school. He admitted the video “absolutely missed the mark”.


“Please accept my sincere apology for not ensuring our video achieved its intended purpose – to remind ALL students of our dress code expectations.”

Moring praised the school’s response, writing that she had an important conversation with the principal.

She reminded her followers that this was not just an issue within her high school.

“If we work on better educating both students, and adults about how necessary it is to include diversity in all media put out by the school, along with the reality of the continuing existence of rape culture, we can ensure that problems like this never happen again. Not just at Marcus, but at schools everywhere. I’m so blessed to attend a school so willing to listen to what I had to say.”