Schapelle Corby: Where's William campaign 'not happy' Corby carrying photo of William Tyrell.

The official campaign to find William Tyrell has distanced itself from convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby, after she carried a bag with a photo of the missing boy through the media scrum in Bali before travelling to Australia.

Corby arrived in Brisbane this morning, more than 12 years after she was convicted of smuggling marijuana into Bali.

Earlier, there were chaotic scenes in Bali as she negotiated her way to the Bali airport via the parole office where she signed forms guaranteeing her freedom.

Listen to The Quicky debrief on the truth about William Tyrrell’s parents, and what happened after the three-year-old’s disappearance. Post continues below.

She was surrounded by police and the media as she walked from her Bali villa with her sister Mercedes to the car which drove her to the airport.

She carried a bag with a picture of the New South Wales boy — who went missing almost three years ago — on the front, but the Where’s William campaign has distanced itself from the move.

“While the Where’s William campaign appreciates that Schapelle Corby has shown concern regarding little William’s disappearance … in using her release as a convicted offender from Bali as a media opportunity to increase awareness that William is still missing, we are not happy,” a statement on the campaign’s Facebook page read.

“William’s family and their campaign to support the NSW Police in their investigation in the search for William have absolutely no association with Schapelle Corby, her supporters or her family and had no prior knowledge of Miss Corby’s intention to use William’s image in this way.

“While the Where’s William Campaign aims to increase awareness where possible, this situation regarding Miss Corby has no association whatsoever to William, his loved ones or their campaign to find their little boy.”

William was last seen in the front yard of his grandmother’s house in Kendall on the NSW mid-north coast on September 12, 2014.

He was three years old at the time and wearing a Spiderman suit when he disappeared.

An extensive search of the nearby area and bushland failed to find any trace of William and the search was scaled back after a week, and a police taskforce was then set up to investigate his suspected abduction.

In September 2016, on the second anniversary of William’s disappearance, the NSW Government announced a $1 million reward for information on his whereabouts.

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