Schapelle Corby has ignored the Tyrrell family's request to stop sharing toddler's image.

Schapelle Corby has posted an image of William Tyrrell against the wishes of his family.

Corby was photographed with a bag that had photo of the missing child with the words “Where’s William Tyrell?” when she arrived home to Australia to draw attention to the unresolved case.

However, his family distanced themselves from her actions, saying they were not aware of the stunt she had planned.

“William’s family and their campaign to support the NSW Police in their investigation in the search for William have absolutely no association with Schapelle Corby, her supporters or her family and had no prior knowledge of Miss Corby’s intention to use William’s image in this way,” a statement on the campaign’s Facebook page read.

Ignoring their wishes, Corby again posted an image of the bag to her newly-established Instagram account, much to the annoyance of some followers.

Where’s William Tyrrell? #DontBeDistractedByTrivia #Williamicare #PushForDaniel’sLaw #Daniel’sLaw

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“Really? This is so inappropriate,” wrote one user. “The family don’t want you to do this and released a statement to that effect.”

“His family have stated they don’t like you doing this. Why are you doing it. They want no association with you. Very inappropriate,” agreed another.

Others commended Corby on shedding light on the ongoing hunt for the little boy, praising her decision to deflect media attention to Tyrell family’s plight.

“I don’t care what anyone says… attention on Williams disappearance is good. Any attention. Good on you for bringing it back into people’s minds,” wrote one follower.

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