The reason Schapelle Corby may not land a TV deal after all.

Despite many rumours to the contrary, there’s a chance Schapelle Corby may not land a lucrative TV deal, with commercial stations reportedly yet to close a deal with the convicted drug smuggler.

In a News Corp exclusive, report legal fears surrounding any deal has “spooked” Australia’s main networks.

Grant Williams, Nine’s deputy director of news and current affairs, told on Saturday the proceeds of crime act makes any deal difficult waters to navigate.

“Everyone always eggs you on to throw the first punch but once you do, they’re the first ones to run to the headmaster about it,” he said, adding “we can live without that headache.”

It’s been more than a year since Channel 9 and 60 Minutes found themselves at the centre of an international furore after a botched child recovery attempt in Beirut landed Sally Faulkner and their journalists in prison.

With this in mind – and more recent expenses surrounding the stories of Cassie Sainsbury and her family considered – it’s not out of the realm of possibility for networks to be hesitant to take on the case of Corby’s tell-all.

The news comes as Corby prepares to board a Virgin flight home to Brisbane on Saturday night after Indonesian Justice officials confirmed Corby has been cleared for deportation.

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As of midnight on Saturday, Head of Bali's Law and Human Rights Office, Ida Bagus Ketut Adnyana told The Associated Press Corby was official deemed "free".

"She is no longer in detention."

At around 6.30pm, AP report Corby will go to the airport where she is due to board a 10.10pm Virgin flight to Brisbane. Officials will try to keep her time at the airport short amid security concerns, and say they're expecting nearly a quarter of the passengers onboard her flight to be members of the media.

Both Weekend Sunrise and The Today Show will extend their traditional broadcast to begin from 5.30am on Sunday morning to coincide with Corby's return.

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