Schapelle Corby's mum expresses concern for her daughter as she prepares to return home.

Schapelle Corby’s mum says she is worried her daughter will have trouble adjusting to life back in Australia after nine years in a Bali prison and three on parole.

The 39-year-old is set to fly into Brisbane on Sunday, returning home for the first time since she was arrested for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of cannabis in a boogie board bag into Bali in October 2004.

Corby’s arrival home comes as the Indonesian parole she was under following her release Bali’s Kerobokan prison in 2014 expires on May 27.

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And while her mum Rosleigh Rose said she’s excited to see her daughter she told the Courier-Mail she’s also worried for her.

“I’m getting excited now – it’s been 12-and-a-half years coming,” Ms Rose said.

Ms Rose shared that she feared her daughter might develop agoraphobia. A media pack is sure to camp outside any of the friends or family’s homes she stays in following her return as it has in Bali.

“When she gets here and settles in, we’ll just have to make sure we get her out and about,” she told the newspaper.

“She hasn’t been able to leave the house in Bali for a couple of weeks because all the media have been camped outside.”

Schapelle Corby will return home this Sunday. (Image via Getty.)

According to Rose, the homecoming will also be slightly marred by the disappointment of leaving her Sumatran boyfriend Ben Panangian, whom she met in prison in 2006.

"She’s got mixed emotions (about leaving Panangian), but it’s out of her hands. I don’t bring it up with her because it’s not a nice subject," she told the Courier-Mail.

Corby will be banned from reentering Bali and Panangian may struggle to get a visa for Australia because of his drug convictions.

Ms Rose did not say whether Corby would live with herself in Loganlea or at Tugun with her sister Mercedes, who is in Bali to accompany her home, or elsewhere.

"It hasn’t been sorted yet – we’re taking it one day at a time and kind of playing it by ear," she said.

"We’ll be trying to get her back into the swing of things so she feels confident."

No media deal has been organised for Corby's homecoming, but Ms Rose didn't rule out having on in the future.