Mercedes Corby responds to rumours Schapelle will be on reality TV.

Mercedes Corby has addressed rumours her sister Schapelle will star in the next season of the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, calling the story a “load of crap”.

Writing on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the one of the articles, Corby made light of the reports and questioned who the anonymous “sources” are who are leaking to the press.

“What a load of crap this is.. apparently Schapelle has signed a deal and is applying for her visa to UK. It’s just BS reporting again,” she wrote.

“Who are these made up sources close to the family I wonder spinning all these quotes?? Mum makes the best hot tomato sauce lets call this sauce dumbmato! Schapelle Corby had to laugh.”


The statement came after News Corp reported on Sunday that Big Brother distributor Endemol Shine International was in talks with the convicted drug smuggler about appearing on the show, claiming she had already applied for a networks-sponsored working visa.

The news outlet went on to claim an appearance on Big Brother was part of a “multi-layered” deal, where Endemol Shine helped pay for the 39-year-old’s elaborate return to the Gold Coast from Bali, including the sizeable security detail that helped escort her home.

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Endemol Shine’s London communications boss Rae Langford told The Daily Telegraph they “do not comment on speculation” amid reports Corby would be sold as ‘Australia’s most famous drug smuggler’ if she was to feature on the reality program come it’s July airing.

If the reports are to be believed, there was no clarification as to how Corby would be cleared to travel the United Kingdom given her criminal record.