Hundreds of strangers helped to scatter the ashes of Haillie's son.


In 2010 Haillie lost her son CJ.

The former member of the US airforce took his own life after an argument with his parents.

He never got to see the world fully. So Hallie made a decision that would literally change her life – and bring her joy in the process.

She set up a Facebook page called ‘Scattering CJ’ last year that asked strangers to help scatter her sons ashes around the world. A year and 100 countries later, Haillie Twomey’s wishes have been achieved.

Hallie and CJ.

Thanks to hundreds of people she’s never met.

“For the past four years, I have literally stumbled through life trying to wake from this horrible nightmare,” she wrote on Facebook. “I can’t change what happened although I would do anything to bring him back.”


She went on to write: “SCATTERING CJ is my attempt to give my son SOMETHING. It’s a mission to show my son – my crazy, life of the party, lover of people, smile so wide it entered a room before he did son – some of the world that he never got to see… It’s simply a chance to put my faith in mankind (a faith that has completely disappeared since witnessing my son end his life) and ask that others help me complete CJ’s final journey.”

And boy has she given him that.


A stranger on Machu Pichu with CJ’s ashes.

Some of CJ’s ashes have been launched into space. Others have been scattered in India, South America and Europe. And everywhere CJ has been scattered, a photo has been taken. Which has resulted in a moving tribute to both CJ and his mum. Take a look:


People really are amazing.